Lady Mucca wants �40 million

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AB Asks | 16:07 Fri 09th Mar 2007 | Body & Soul
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Heather Mills wants �40 million from Sir Paul McCartney in a divorce settlement. It would mean that the ex-model would get �10,000 a day. Are these huge divorce payouts justified? Do you think that rich men could be put off marriage for fear of women only marrying them as a smart career move with a huge payout after a couple of years?


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i agree ELVIS68, he must have seen something that was irresistible to him.
Im actually surprised at AB Ed using the Lady Mucca title..I thought that you would remain neutral.

I firmly believe there is always 2 sides to each story and according to reports Paul has given her an interim payment of �2m as he recognises that they did have happy times.Well lets face it -you cant spend that time with someone and then decide to marry and have a child together in the name of misery.
If he really has 900 million, he could give her 800 million and still not know what to do with the rest.
If you won the lottery, would it worry you whether you got 5m, or 50m, or 500m? I don't think so.
No human being on earth DESERVES to have the sort of money that P Mac has. It is impossible to EARN that amount. So H M should get what she DESERVES, F**k all.
in the sunday papers it says that she has settled for �29 million and dropped her case for custody of the little i am assuming sir paul has got custody of her.that speaks volumes about what sort of woman she is.effectivley she has sold out on her child.what a disgraceful excuse for a woman she is.i bet macca will be glad to see the back of her.
It seems cheap at the price especially as she has just lost her virginity.
Do you all realise that death threats against this woman and her child are being taken very seriously.This I believe is being perpetuated my the hate campainn which is being conducted in the media and also dare I say on forums such as this.

I only have to mention John Lennon and George Harrison to illustrate how many people out there who are extremely unhinged as regards the Beatles.I am be wrong as I didnt check but I believe that Ringo Starrs wife,Barbara Bach was also the victim of an assault following death threats.

Everyone is obviously entitled to their opinions but I feel in this case there shouldnt be some animosity and down right hatred aimed at this woman -for all we know this could be further fuelling someones desire to carry out those threats.

I anticipate the usual responses but remember those threats are VERY real and they have a daughter.
Sorry for the typos -I was singing along to the Kaiser Chiefs and not concentrating -poor excuse but its the truth.Hope you got the gist tho.
I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt when she married him, despite all the media interviews with ex's. But she has shown herself to be what people have said all along - a gold-digger. When she started "telling all" to the papers for public sympathy that's when she lost my support.

I feel so sorry for their daughter - fancy having a mother who so openly sold her side of the story to the papers to try and obtain more money from her father. Imagine what she will feel once she is old enough to understand all this.
Drisgirl...Barbara Bach was assualted many none other than Ringo Starr himself

George Harrison was attacked during a burglary and not by some unhinged fan

John Lennon, his murderer was unhinged, but then again....aint most Americans?
i dont like either of them he thinks he's royalty and she is a glorified prossie , aargh! not a good day to ask me that sort of question i dont't have sympathy for either of them ! �40 million ! what the hell does she think she has done to deserve that ? On the other hand , what a ridiculous amount of money to have, he should give the �40 million to charitiy or maybe �39 million of it to worthwhile causes and � 1 million to her , Id have an ounce of respect for him then. ooh! thats my rant for the day.

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Lady Mucca wants �40 million

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