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tlcw | 17:29 Sat 03rd Mar 2007 | Body & Soul
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Hello! Iam currently doing some Statistics coursework and would like to know afew questions about 480 people. I have some data already but more is needed. I would like to find out a range of hypothesises revolving around the questions Im asking.

I would like to know you age, gender, the amount of time, on average per week in hours you spend watching TV, and the amount of time, on average in hours you spend excerising.

Thank you for helping me, if you cant work out your average time, you can work our how many hours you spend doing exercising/watching TV per day and multiply it by 7. Thanks alot! I do not need names etc.


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Im 21, female.

Hours spent watching tv a week - 18 hours

Hours spent exercising a week - 4/5 hours
Female - 33

TV - 1-4

Exercise - 5-10...
Female :-)
18-21 hours approx tv
14-17 hours a week exercise not including housework and cooking lol

I'm 42, female

Hours watching tv - 20

Exercise - 8
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Thank you, keep them coming!
Female, 29
Tv: approx 15 hours
Exercise (walking only), approx: 7 hours (gasp...)
5 lot watch a lot of TV
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1/ 29

2/ Female

3/ 18-20

4/ 8-10
Female - 44

20 hours watching tv

5 - 8 hours exercising

40 yrs young
dont watch tv
excercise...hardly any in the winter but cycle nearly everyday in the summer (2-4 hrs a day)
15yrs old

So, statistically speaking, you cannot use my data to either prove or disprove your hypothesis. You will have to consider me as being an "outlier".
I am 51 M. 2 hrs a week watching TV 0 Hrs a week excersizing. Unless you count all time I am on me feet during the day.
OMG!!! I love that word!!! lol....."outlier"
24, female
Roughly 10 hrs/week (includes watching dvd's)
6 hrs/week, given there's no snow/thunder storm outside and also given I don't have a bad cold (which I do this week)
Hi, Beryl. Why, do you think it suits me?
Hours watching TV per week - 12

Hours exercising per week - 8

(Female, age 26)

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