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Champagne | 15:12 Wed 21st Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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This is a conversation I've just had on e-mail with my friend. Do you think we need to be institutionalized?

My friend wrote: "I would like to report something, seeing as you work in Centrica...... I can smell gas."

I wrote: "Did you know that gas doesn't smell? Gas companies have to create the 'gas' smell so that people can identify it if it leaks out of pipes. True fact that. Actually I don't know if it's a true fact. A friend told me that but I seriously question whether or not it's true. Surely if the gas company created the smell then they'd make it smell of something nice, like kebab? Mmmmm... kebab gas...."

My friend wrote: "HA HA HA HA HA HA!! ! Kebab gas. HA HA HA HA!!! Apparently it is true - I remember Ross explaining it to the pizza delivery girl in 'Friends'... so it's got to be true. How about:
- Lamb Jalfrezi gas?
- Bacon sandwich gas?
- Toast gas?
- Davidoff Cool Water gas?
- Petrol gas? (everyone loves the smell of petrol)
- Freshly baked biscuits gas?
- Subway 12" (Bishop) Chipotle Cheese Steak with southwest and ranch sauce on Italian herb & cheese bread with jalapeno, gherkin and onion gas?"


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Or freshly cut grass gas??

All good ideas but the reason is that it must not smell like something else and must be a smell that we recognise, the gas signature smell is well known by now.
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you are undoubtedly nuts champagne, but in answer to your gas Q, it has to be something horrible so people don't ignore it.

it is horrible enough to force someone to deal with it, even of they were snoozing.

if it was an identifiable smell people would just think it was that thing, as though the neighbours are cooking bacon for their tea or something.

also our noses get used to smells very quickly so if it was nice it might not be as noticable as the rotten egg smell.
In answer to your Q- yes....

But then I knew that (about you anyway) before you posted your email dribblings for all to see.

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Do you think that's how they came up with the smell then joko? Two people at British Gas were e-mailing each other in the same way me and my friend were, but on the end of their list they had "rotten egg gas".

And the rest, as they say, is history.

But you're right. It can't be a nice smell otherwise people wouldn't report it. If was that lovely smell of fresh, sizzling hot bacon *drool*.... then I'd smell it all day! (even vegetarians like the smell of bacon cooking!). Hence they opted for rotten eggs.

- or B.O. gas?
- smelly cheesy feet gas?
- poo gas?
- bin juice gas? (*shudder*)
If it smelt of bacon butties the first thing i'd do is go and turn the gas on to make myself one, then i'd be in trouble!
hot vommit on the tube gas. There would be nothing worse. Nothing.
oh there is supernick, My dogs fart after eating liver.........bleugghhhhh :-))
Good ideas about the smells and suchlike.... but the most important thing here, which seems to be forgotten --- YOUR FRIEND SMELT GAS !!!!!!!! did she actually report it or did you get so engrossed in your conversation that she forgot... its isn't something to be ignored. p.s.. tell her not to light up or switch on lights (or is it too late already !!!!???)
I hope she's ok.
lol, yeah maybe thats it.

I think its probably chosen because it is easy to replicate - i would think the cost of manufacturing fake bacon aroma or 'eau de kebab' would cost loads.

something really acrid, that literally makes your eyes sting a bit would be good, for people who haven't got a very good sense of smell or a cold, or use a lot of air fresheners, or get drunk or whatever.
something like whatever is in an onion, so its safe
The 'rotten eggs gas' you mention is hydrogen sulphide. You are close with that guess - the added compound is in fact a similar compound called a 'mercaptan' and that is a hydrocarbon containing sulphur. The choice is not only because it smells nasty, but because the human nose is highly sensitive to these compounds and so very little needs to be added in order for it to do its job.
Hi Champagne, it's 8.15 the day after you posted your Q, and that very episode of Friends has just been on C4 !!

Coincidences eh ? xx

P.S Puppies breath gas for me please xx
Halitosis gas ~ with an undertone of freshly trodden in, ripe cat poo and soft, pig farm, top notes.

Hmmmm. I think I'll market that ~ it's got to be better than Jade Goody's perfume!!

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