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chic21998 | 15:08 Tue 20th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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has anybody tried this? me and my mates are giving it a go-still havent lost the xmas bulge-yikes!

although i was mega sceptic its actually going quite well! anyone tried it?


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Well it worked for me. I managed to lose two and a half stone in 9 months on this diet. I have also been able to stay at my target weight for a year and a half now. I mainly do green days. I think it is a fantastic way of eating. Good luck with it!
just dont come on here and ask for the password ...I heard froma good source that head office is a watching .lol
What is the slimming world diet?
Is it recommended for women with PCOS I cant shed the weight at all!
I lost 2.2stone on slimming world. then i put 3 stone back on! Now im on Weight watchers but dont seem to be getting anywhere!
I've lost over 2 stone and hubby has lost almost 5 stone. Its the first diet he's understood enjoyed which means his willpower is brilliant. Love the way you can have big platefuls of free food.
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Wow those are some real success stories!

Ive only done it for a week but I'd love to lose a stone-we'll see!

River whats PCOS??

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

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slimming world

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