Just a Perfect Day

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sarnieken | 13:52 Sat 17th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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Just thought of this one after reading Jenna1978's.

What would be your perfect day?
It can be anything and money is no object.
If you've already had it? What was it?

Mine would be -

Up to a breakfast served in bed in a hotel just near Folkestone. Then up and into the Aston Martin for a mid morning channel tunnel crossing into France, then the day driving down to the alps to go Skiing. Decent tunes on the stereo and Martine McCutcheon in the passenger seat.

Days that come close would be being best man to my twin Brother in 2005.

Apologies if this one has already been posted to death but it just occured to me to ask.


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Wake up next to the man of my dreams and realise that it's still early so wrap myself up in his arms and go back to sleep for a bit.

Wake bit is censored!!!

Lie in bed and cuddle and chat then get up and go out for a nice long leisurely breakfast, new york style with lots of fresh coffee.

Go for a lovely long drive in the country or by the coast and find a lovely cosy pub for lunch with a friendly atmosphere and proper well cooked traditional food.

A nice walk along some nice cliffs or something overlooking the sea or go horseriding along the beach. Lots of cuddles and talking and just spending some quality time together. Stop for an icecream.

Have a pampering session, full body massage and facial then go to the hairdressers to have my hair done then get dressed up and head out for a meal with friends then head to a lovely cosy pub preferably with an open fire for an evening full of laughter and reminiscing. Oh and a lock in :)

Head to a gorgeous hotel room or maybe a little cottage with open fire and a jacuzzi bit is censored...fall asleep wrapped in the arms of the man of my dreams.
Every day spent with my gorgeous 8 year old daughter Katie is a perfect day. It wouldn't matter if i never saw a single penny in cash again in my life.
Id wake up to a cooked breakfast in a gorgeous property right on the beach in Mexico, where you open the back door and the sand is at your feet, I would wake up next to my true love. We would then stay in bed for a bit,.... if ya know what i mean!! We would go for a lovely stroll along the beach, have a swim, and then jump on a flight to take us to hollywood, where we would see all the stars house's!! Then we'd fly to Italy for a nice romantic dinner and then back to Mexico and watch the sun set on the decking with some cocktails, before getting 'cosy' by the sea.

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Just a Perfect Day

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