fluid around ovaries

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lexylou | 16:36 Fri 16th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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Ive been getting quite bad pains on the left side of my lower abdomin and also in my lower back. I had an ultrasound today and they told me that I have fluid round my ovaries. What does this mean and do you know what causes it?


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Too much fluid around the ovaries may indicate cysts. I found this source:

'The most common types of ovarian cysts are called functional cysts, which result from a collection of fluid forming around a developing egg. Every woman who is ovulating will form a small amount of fluid around the developing egg each month. The combination of the egg, the special fluid-producing cells, and the fluid is called a follicle and is normally about the size of a pea. For unknown reasons, the cells that surround the egg occasionally form too much fluid, and this straw colored fluid expands the ovary from within. If the collection of fluid gets to be larger than a normal follicle, about three-quarters of an inch in diameter, a follicular cyst is said to be present. If fluid continues to be formed, the ovary is stretched as if a balloon was being filled up with water. The normally white covering of the ovary becomes thin and smooth and appears as a bluish-grey. Follicular cysts may rarely become as large as 3 or 4 inches. The majority of these cysts, even the large ones, go away after a month or two as the extra fluid dissolves back into the blood stream.'

Hope this helps you a little?
Def ovarian cysts by the sound of it. I have them too and they can be v painful at certain times of the month when you're ovulating. sharp stabbing pains when you have cysts.
Hi lexy pleased you went. Dont have a clue what fluid around ovaries is but Im pleased at least you are getting sorted. Lots of love.
Hi - have just come across your question whilst searching the internet. I have exactly the same symptoms as you had. I noticed your question was from last year. Could you please let me know your outcome? The girl who did my ultrasound scan was very vague, but said I had a cyst and fluid - so not the same thing. I have to wait for findings to be sent to my GP. This will be 7-10 days. I am really worried, as well as having the abdominal pain which comes and goes but is quite severe at times. I would really appreciate any information or advice you could give. Thanks.
I have the same pain on my left side, the only difference is I don't have it in my lower back. I went to the doctor as well and they told me I had fluid around my ovarie on the left side, but no sign of a cyst or one that had burst. They came up inconclusive as to what was wrong with me and put me on an antibiotic. I still have the pain and am really worried still as to what is wrong. Maybe someone else has a different idea as to whats wrong.
hi i just came across this been in tears for 4 days as my mum has all these symptoms and a ct scan came back as this but they couldnt really tell her anything feeling really sad as its xmas day and she is stuck in hospital you guys have made me feel so much better about what it is thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx
Hi everyone. My daughter went to ER last night for pain and was told she has water in her ovaries. I'm very concerned for her #1 because we don't know at this point what that means or what the outcome will be or what/if surgery or anything and #2 she has been trying for a baby (recently had an ectopic with twins & was heartbroken). She is very concerned she will not be able to conceive due to this newly discovered problem. Does anyone know if this causes fertility problems?

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fluid around ovaries

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