Hypnotism - Any Thoughts?

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Theland | 09:27 Thu 15th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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I personally think hypnotism is dangerous, and is at odds with my beliefs. However, I'm genuinely interested in your views and / or experiences of hypnotism / self hypnotism / hysteria / mass hysteria - how it works, what induces it, or is it all still a big mystery?


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Now you've interested me Theland

Why is hypnotism against your belief ?- obviously I can see the sort of hypnotic "regressions" that cause people to invent previous lives are bad for all sorts of reasons but do you really see someone giving up smoking through hypnotism as unChristian? is there some biblical reference?
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jake - Well, I didn't really intend to espouse my beliefs, as that would take us around in circles - again ... but I think it is a form of posession, and appears to be sacrificing ones self control ... something like that.
I would really be interested in knowing from somebody who was totally against it for reasons of religious doctrine, and yes, maybe I could learn from them.
I wouldnt dare be hypnotised. i saw a hypnotist in a club years ago and although some of the 'victims' were obviously part of the show some of them werent. These people had the most awful look of confusion on their faces as they were doing the silly things they had been told to do. A couple of them actually looked terrified :(
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aka pixie - Exactly, loss of control, it's a bit scary isn't it?
I was hypnotised in a bar in Spain many many years ago. Whilst under hypnosis I did a scarily good impression of Tina Turner, ate a raw onion, mimed playing the violin, and stripped down to my undies whilst thinking that I was a Chippendale.

So yes, very dangerous indeed.
I see a CBT therapist who does deep hypnotism tapes for me. It's just deep breathing and counting down. I didn't even know it was hypnotism until I asked her. It really can help for relaxation but I would never never do it for a show or anything, as I wouldn't trust the people doing it. My dad's wife had it for fear of planes, and she took my dad along with her just in case the guy was a nutter. It helped her temporarily.
Well its like most things in life. When power gets into the wrong hands etc. I wouldn�t say it is dangerous, although in Champagnes case, perhaps it was dangerously embarrassing.

I myself am not entirely convinced of its effects - and this has nothing to do with being a catholic, some people are able to be manipulated by this form of mind control, others not so. But I think in most (genuine) cases that these people have just been convinced within their own minds to face their fears or abandon their misgivings on certain matters of personal distress (giving up smoking, nervous disposition, fear of flying etc). This is not loss of control but coercion of the natural thought processes for the benefit of the receiver.

I only think it is dangerous when bad people use it for bad means, and in these instances I would refer to it as �brainwashing� rather than hypnotism, although effectively the essence is about interfering with another�s mind and controlling their thoughts/actions.
I wasn't looking for an arguement Theland but just wondering how you came to that opinion.

It rather cuts to the heart of concepts like the self and free will.

If sin is a consequence of free-will and free-will is suspended by hypnotism - surely sin is also suspended.

This gives an interesting view of heaven - where surely there is no sin - of people wandering around hypnotised with no free-will
Hypnotism as a therapy is excellent, I was hypnotised to help me give up smoking, it was actually a great experience.

I was in total control throughout and at no stage did I feel uncomfortable.

I think you are put into such a relaxed state that your brain is more susceptible to suggestion, I stress relaxed, not taken over or possessed!!

The type of hypnotism they do in clubs and bars is different, I would not do that, and I don't think it is safe!!
I was hypnotised by a magician during a nightclub cabaret. He asked for a volunteer to come to the stage to help him with some tricks. He used me as his assistant for some ordinary tricks involving sleight of hand, then, without asking me or indicating at any time that he was about to do so, started doing this trick and insisted that I look deeply into his eyes during the trick. Without me realising it, he had hyponotised me enough to get me to lie down on a table, clamped me in with a bit of equipment and proceeded to do that 'cutting the woman in half' trick with a buzz saw. I was paralysed with fear, so much so that when he let me up at the end of the trick, I was so shaky that I had to be helped from the stage. i had nightmares for months.
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How do they hypnotise you? With a look? With a pendulum? A suggestion?
And how does it feel while you are "going under?"
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Hypnotism - Any Thoughts?

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