Droopy tulips!!! -

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PinkFizz | 19:25 Wed 14th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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Just a quick one - I have had some tulips delivered today in a vase but already they are drooping right over. Is there anyway to revive them??



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kiss of life :)
Stick a pin in the stems, right under the flower heads. Should perk them right up :)
Try cutting the end of the stems off diagonally under warm running water.

Hope you're ok hon xxx
I put all my flowers in lemonade it keeps them alive and perky for days
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Hi guys - I'm not too bad thanks. My lovely b/f had these lovely red and purple tulips sent to me but they are all floppy already! Will try all 3 methods - one of them should work! Do you know how the pin thing works then??
Try the pin thing - it works, I promise!!
Hiya Pinky!! xx

I put a cap full of vodka in the water...keeps them going for ages!!!! lol

miss blondie is spot on the pin thing always works the will perk straight up!! :o)
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Have done the pin thing - they look a tad better but not brill. ( now looks for the vokda.......)
Pink - Trim the ends by one inch, roll them tightly in newspaper and then stand them up to their necks in water overnight. in the morning they should have perked right back up.
Wait till the morning - they will be perky by then!
droopy? perky?

have i missed something
I alwas put bleach and sugar in the water of my flowers and make sure you cut of the bottm of the stems. They last longer and the water will not smell so no need to change water. Pleased to hear from you Pinkfizz I was only asking about you the other day but my message was banned. How are things going. love Brenda x
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Brenda - I may have to adopt you as the aunty I don't have - you're a sweetheart! I haven't been on here much since recent events but I am ok now I think.

Now back to my tulips!! lol Bleach?? Are you sure?? How much? xx
have a little patience. you will kill them if you do everything listed here. pick one thing and wait. jeez.
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lol blondie. I have just topped the water up and put a pin through the stems so I will see how they are in the morning : )

did i mention i think you should try the pin thing?
lol sorry!
Question Author
The pin thing?? Wnat's that then?? lolol
Hiya Pinky, long time no see, I heard lemonade was good as some kind of flower viagra!
Good choice by your fella by the way, you know what they say�.

What�s better than Roses on your piano�.

�Tulips on your organ! ;-)
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pmsl@ jon - nice one,that made me smile honey : )

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Droopy tulips!!! -

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