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partyanimal | 16:16 Mon 12th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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What is the point of asking questions on this site if they keep being withdrawn by the powers that be?????


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They are only banned if they don�t comply with Site Rules or sometimes if the replies don�t which is a bit unfair, but without the rules this place would get out of hand. I don�t think it will be too long before this disappears as its in the wrong category :-)
well if yo've noticed all the....REPORT THIS ANSWER
have also been removed, must have got fed up of all the trigger happy reporters causing trouble, today i've also had i answer and one question removed .

england freedom of speech???
It's against the law to scream "Fire!!" in a crowded English cinema...unless of course there is one. So, freedom of speech is not an absolute.
Similarly, the owners and editors of this site are perfectly free to decide what the limits on freedom of speech here are, too. It belongs to them, not you.
having genuine questions removed is anoying, just as having genuine answers removed....

im guessing your Q was in the wrong topic, just as the ABteam placed an "advertising" post in todays Body and Soul question. (Beer Goggles.)
Insecure people become upset and feel defeated when others don't agree with them; they delete everything in disagreement.
They want to be the only one with 'the powers'. hahaha
some abers are under the impression they have power, sadly now we are not even allowed to report a question which we believe is inappropriate on a family site, my humble opinion, get rid of the old in with the new, i attempted to raise the issue a few days ago but it got banned ?
HAHA! Cgirl, thats cos you're new that you dont have that feature give it 2 weeks and you can report whatever you want
many people post a question in Body & Soul and it is in the incorrect category, it may be the case that they get a satisfactory answer, but often they are better having it re posted in the right category. Some people post a question in Body & Soul and state they know it is in the
wrong category but 'it has more traffic in here' is often the reason. Some people post any old question in Body & Soul because they are seeking attention, this is like a vanity post. In all of these cases the question could be reported as incorrect category, the ed would then be alerted to the post and will usually remove it to the right category, if the post then disappears, the poster usually starts another thread asking what happened to the first, a little bit of intelligence would tell them to
1)check their profile, if it is still in there and they can open it, it is still active, maybe just moved or awaiting recategorizing by the ed
2) E mail the ed / technical team from their profile and ask what has happened. This serves a threefold purpose, it means there isn't yet another 'where did my question go ' thread posted in the wrong category or in suggs, then it alerts the ed to your concerns and if for any reason the thread/question was unreasonably zapped by over zealous members it will be passed and reinstated with the report option disabled, and then it also helps a member understand how the ed works and how quickly the ed can respond and act.

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