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bumble | 16:26 Fri 09th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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I'm with my boyfriend who I love dearly and who loves me, but he has said that he doesn't like to tell me he loves me too much ie. everyday as he feels it doesn't mean as much if you say it everyday, doesn't make it as special. What does everyone think about this?



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I agree with your boyfriend. If you say it too much it just becomes words....

Although I do tell my Dad and kids I love them everyday but that's different...
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ive been with my boyf for 7 years and this is what he tells me!!! (men eh?!!!)

He said when he tells me everyday it just becomes words and doesn't mean anything. I am like you too, dealy in love ect, and they sense this which kind of makes them take a step back. Its when you dont show them attn when they start showing you love-its really weird!

Its kind of true wat he is saying but at the same time i would like to hear it now and again which would re-affirm his feelings for me as people do change!

He's probably told me less than 5 times over 7 years lol-thats sumthin!!
He does love me tho- and i lurrrrrve him!! i call him
i agree with your boyfriend, it does just feel like you are saying it purely for the sake of saying something if you say it all the time. Even if you are in love the words are just another phrase thats said.
The words themselves mean nothing unless the feelings are behind them, in which case why not just show your feelings in other ways too? Its probably weeks since i said it to my boyfriend but he knows that i love him
Me and my boyfriend say it everyday to each other...
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Actually I have to say, I do agree with what my boyfriend is saying, suppose it takes the meaning away saying it everyday with it just being words. I know that when he does say it he does truly mean it.
been married for 8 years and my husband tells me everyday. It doesn't make it any less special, it makes me feel very loved and secure.
Same here, My hubby and I are always saying I love you to each other, doesn't make it any less special for us and we've been together 10 years and married for nearly 8yrs.
I dunno whether the fact he has health problems and there was one time, early on in our marriage when things didn't look too good for him I think the sudden reality of life made us value each other more, I know it certainly made us very close, which at the time I didn't think was possible.
I don't think it matters how often you say it, so long as you mean it, both respect each other and treat each other well that can mean more than words :o)
I totally agree, I'm the same with gifts and things, I dont like to be spoilt at all or flowers every bday etc its boring. When I got given some perfume out of the blue it was so unexpected I cried
nat-84 wasnt you that was single or was on a break or have you got a new boyfriend?
me and my boyfriend say it everyday to each other but not just because we feel we should say it, we (or at least I do, I hope he's the same) say it when we suddenly feel it --if that makes sense!
My wife and I say it to each other several times a day. I know I mean it every time!
ummmm you told me you love me twice today!!!

Lots of love xxxx :o)

bumble I think its nice to tell people you love them when you really really mean it too it doesn't have to be daily but it makes you feel great when you hear it doesn't it.. :o)
im forever telling mr notfrom but in 4 years his proberly said it 5 times...if that!
but i think thats because he doesnt really love me!!!!!
i dont have issues!!!
That's not saying it though Athley.....

That's typing it.....I can type it I just stuggle to say it....

I can only tell someone I love them when I am really feeling it.....(when they buy me a present)

I love you xxxx

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