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Miss Lilly | 16:07 Fri 09th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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Today I have started a new lease of life! On Wed night i split with my man of 5 years. I feel unusually relieved, a little bit sad and a bit excited. We have been seeing each other for 5 years. Surely I should be feeling more upset than what I am, I'm really quite happy. Is this normal?


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Hey Miss Lilly, I had exactly the same thing when i split up with my ex in September. The ony time I got upset was while I was breaking up with him and then when I told my sis!! I have not cried since and haven't felt upset at all. I know that told me I'd done the right thing! I felt a huge amount of relief afterwards and have never been happier. I loved him but we just weren't right for each other.

And I am having sooooooo much fun being single!! Enjoy hun xxx
No it's not unusual at all. Sounds like you were the one who called it a day? If you were the dumper, then the chances are that you've been feeling yourself drifting apart for quite a while anyway, so when you come to ending it, it feels like a burden lifted!

A fresh start is always good. You should be excited. The world is your oyster!
Sorry, 'dumper' sounds a bit harsh. You know what I mean though. :o}
Nope, I was the same, had been with my ex for 5 years, finally called time on it, was sad about the wasted years and loss of companionship for a couple of weeks, but was happy too and have never regretted finishing it since, not for a minute.
Heard it all before. Next week you'll be telling us you are back together again.
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Maybe it was just time? I know I cant make a decision until i feel it in my gut. If i dont feel right i wait. When it feels right the emotions arn't always what you'd expect. If you feel happy then you made the right choice. You may have some sorrow as you did spend 5 years with this person and i'm sure there were some good times to be remembered fondly.
Did you feel like skipping down the road? I remember I did after a 10 year one.

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