Why is it called

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somebyrd | 11:15 Fri 09th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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taking a dump when you aren't actually taking it anywhere but leaving it?

SB x


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maybe its something to do with the noise it makes as it hits the pan?

How crude!
Here you are, rude person :)

The Cartman quote is magic.
i no it more as ''havin a dump''

not that i use this term x
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was just wondering, not that i do anything like that myself, I'm like the queen don't ya know!

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thanks for that link Whiffey, how strange that you knew exactly where to point me to with a name like yours ;) LOL!

SB x
what do you call it SB? may i suggest 'scattering rose petals'

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lmao red!
"Going for a dump" is the correct term though "Going to have a dump","having a dump" or "dropping the kids off at the pool" may also be used.
I don't do dumps - I have a download
"dropping a log" is so much more refined, don't you think!!
This very good question and others are answered here quite fully!

After reading this I feel I could go on Mastermind with poo as my specialist subject. What do you think?
I say, "i'm just dropping the kids off at the pool"

or "I'm just gonna lay some cable"
In the Army it's known as a tom t1t
i always take it with me `cos i wear a bag !!

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