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notfrom-fiji | 19:42 Thu 11th Jan 2007 | Body & Soul
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and then! so what did someone? forgettit not on monday....when french language???////

dongle rits**>>> going yes why???apples dropping higt dreadfull,,,@]]from what?just ever.

i cant think of anything to ask...................


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Step away from the tea...NOW!!!
I dont mean to sound a cow here, no honest, I really don't, but I've never understood the need for some users to post things like this for the sake of it?
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is lucozade alright???i don't have an issue with the tea I'm Irish so its natural for me to drink endless amounts of tea...i think???? or is it I'm just meant to make huge amounts of tea???that's what my mom does LOADS of tea , if your sad..Tea, if your happy..Tea, if your hungry..Tea, shes Irish she likes tea.

has any one seen pie +mash???
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boo i really dont care..............
Now see I knew you'd take this the wrong way! :-(

It was actually a genuine question on my part. It just seems odd (im my view anyway) to post a thread like yours just to "fill a silence" so to speak.

Once again, It wasn't meant to offend you, or anyone else for that matter, I'm just being nosy.
Bring back the Russian !!

At least she was lively and interesting.
Its OK fiji - just fit yourself with a tea drip device and everything will be alright!!!

Are you lying down in a dark room!!

I like coffee does that count?
Hey notfrom......

Have you ever tried Redbull???

I was wondering where pie was as well...... could always resurrect her!!!!
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Boo you didnt offend are intitled to your opinion,and atleast you posted a question!!!
umm one night i went crazy and had 3 pro plus and a can of red bull!!!.9 months later i had a times.

spurslady coffee doesnt hasnt a mouth!!!! silly you
notfrom- I can work out exactly how I got my 3 boy's too, the eldest was from going crazy after a christmas do, the 2nd my birthday and the 3rd theoter halfs birthday. Funny the lasting reminders we get from crazy nights.
OMG you're on the hard stuff

THE PG TIPS!!!!!!!!!!
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my sister calls kids S.T.D's
Sexually Transferred Descendents!!

ash sorry i mean ath how did you know!!(whispers quietly are you my dealer?)

Also boo if you look at the title it means question not to be answered!!
I weaned myself off tea at the age of 12, had to be done not sure how I would be now....Have you tried the darjeeling?

Coffee's my best friend now, it tells me that if I don't drink it I will get all naggy and miss it too much....
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her it is !!!thank god noones offended by tea!!

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