who did oz upset???

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notfrom-fiji | 19:42 Wed 10th Jan 2007 | Body & Soul
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poor old oz has been sent on her merry way again!!


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You haven't upset anyone notfrom......I still can't use ummmm and I'm a bit sick of that number 1. It makes my bum look big!
i think the 1 makes you look cool : ) kinda important?
i've been zapped in better places....

i like the green me, well i suppose i better get used to it.....
Awwww thanks curlyperm

Get use to being green you little ttrouble maker you Mr anagram of film.....
lol.......i lalways liked curly-milf, but dont do a google search for milf................
ps probably because i'm easily led
I think you may be right.......
maybe because your posts aren't questions? more sort of statements of fluffiness. If you limited yourself to questions and answers rather than cryptic esoteric type of stuff it wouldn't keep getting reported?
so it may be you havent upset anyone at all, its just that there is a "report this post" category for "not a question"
Seems to be happening to a lot of people. I think there's a problem behind the scenes. If you have a look in AB Suggestions there are a few questions on there about it too.

Lots of greenies appearing all over the place!!
Bednobs.....Have you ever been nice???????
Right I think this is just getting silly now, despite reassurances from the an technos, (justin and Timothy) too many normal folk on here are being zapped. If you can sign in with your id but are not able to post you have not been 'banned' by the ed or the techno team, there is a techniocal problem that needs fixing.
how is that not nice!!!??
not from oz is asking and wondering why her questions/user id has been banned, and i am supplying her with a reason. i am not being nasty, i havent reported her posts. i suppose at a stretch you culd possibly call me describing her posts as esoteric and cryptic as not nice, but it would be a pretty big stretch i think, considering they are pretty abstract and cryptic!

Why does no-one ever notice how helpful and pleasant i am 99% of the time? I quite often get comments like "you oly say negative stuff" but it's just not true! 99% of my answers are real answers to real questions!
Question Author
thankyou bigknob....ehm sorry i mean bed yes bedknobs.
all i did was askif anyone was going t shop? which is a question

i dont care

im going to have a cuppa
i truley dont understand why i get this abuse from people lol
Question Author
i'm only joking!!!i saw an oppertunity and i took it im sorry im sure your not really a kn0b and not a big one niether!!
i'm not big and i'm not clever
Have you ever checked your profile bednobs?

Look at 'Questions I gave answers to'......I think you may find that you have got your stats wrong!
or maybe you have? :-)
ooooh, and another thing!
It may annoy you that i speak (or type) what's in my mind, but i dont post in the wrong section (generally), ask for chats, make other posts drop off the bottom with twaddle etc (NOT that i'm saying you do) or any of the other endlesslist of things that annoy me. it makes sense for people who have posted in the wrong section to be redirected to where people are more likely to be able to answer dosent it? it makes sense for people to be gently reminded that this is actually a question and answer site, not a chat site, dosent it? After all, it's immensly confusing for people who are not "in" on the chats to read posts where people know each other and are going off on tangents about stuff they've previously talked about. and gives the impression that they are excluded.. I think that people need a villain, and if you did actually look at my profile you would find i am a generally polite and helpful user of this site, but it suits people to think im not.

Phew, that feels better!!!. Sorry to clog up your inbox notfrom oz!
Where's MrBen when you need him
I like bednobs. :o)

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who did oz upset???

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