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gasman | 12:27 Tue 09th Jan 2007 | Body & Soul
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Having just read my monthly copy of Gas Installer (essential reading for a gasman) from cover to cover and in doing so, I am often called as been very sad lol !!! By Mrs Gas. I was wondering what 'sad anorak' mags if any do other AB'ers read ???


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CRN, Computer Resellers News....The geeks best friend!

I get it free through work, and I also get called sad, but do we care!!!
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Not at all Homer we do not care. Surley there must be more than us two saddo's on AB. or are we unique in our saddness.
Hi gasman, I admit to picking up a copy of " Professional Electrician " (spelling) when I am in the wholesalers, I don't always read it though.
I think we could the only ones... Oh well at least we'll be exclusive!!
I found a copy of Naughty Neighbours in my cab once.
Does that count?
Yes that counts panic you anorak
Doll Collector..and various other doll magazines.

I'll get me coat...
Or should I say anorak? and a flask of weak lemon drink..
I'm very sad. I'm reading this thread.
Any narrowboat mag for me : ) i dont have an anorak so il wear my "waterproofs"
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Waterproofs would surfice welcome to the club Patriciah :o)
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So far we have a anorak wearing computerised doll reading a copy of naughty neighbours on a electrical narrow boat full of gas !!! sipping lemon tea from a flask.
LOL! any more?
2 months ago 4 of my friends seperately bought me "Berkshire Life" magazine, as Boris Johnson was on the cover and they figured I would want to read it - dose that count?
I'll swap you Naughty Neighbours for Berkshire Life
(It was rubbish anyway)

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Anorak mags

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