Dizzy spells

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poolger | 17:49 Mon 08th Jan 2007 | Body & Soul
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Anyone know what can cause severe dizzy spells when I lie on my side in bed. I feel extremely dizzy and also sick. This has been going on for about 2 weeks now.


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Benign positional vertigo is another problem of the inner ear. Episodes of rotational dizziness are triggered when the person's head is moved into specific positions. It usually occurs when lying down in bed or when the head is tilted backwards. Occasionally, a sudden turn of the person's head triggers vertigo for a few seconds. This condition is more common in elderly people.

Does that help at all??
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Yes, Thanks. I had the flu about a month ago, and my ear has been blocked since, so that might be the problem. Tried the Otex(?) drops, but it didnt work.
Hmmm, it could be that your partner is breathing in your face...
Sounds like a middle ear condition, very possibly left from your dose of flu. I woke up one morning, the room was spinning, the numbers on the clock appeared to be jumping up and down, was violently sick several times and couldnt walk in a straight line! Had to have tablets prescribed from the doc, took a few days to clear but havent suffered since. Hope you soon well.
Could well be, I have menieres disease which is an inner erar condition which causes vertigo and a lot of dizziness and being off balance etc...

Get it checked out with your doctor for the best way to treat it and make sure there's nothing else causing it.

There are some quite good drugs out there for vertigo, I have some great ones which help a lot.

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Dizzy spells

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