Why do my legs ache after a night of drinking alchohol?

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SaxyDan | 08:27 Fri 29th Aug 2003 | Body & Soul
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Why do my legs ache after a night of drinking alchohol?


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sleeping wrong, long walk home, walking into things whilst drunk, alcoholic poisoning, blood poisoning (from walking into things whilst drunk), food poisoning from donner kebab you forgot you'd eaten, a good kicking you forgot you'd received - could be anything so please give more specifics i.e. any bruising? any localised pain? visual symptoms?
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Well it is definately not an injury I've picked up through walking into things, being hit etc. I get it regardless of whether I walk home, or get a cab.I had eaten very little, only lunch. It affects mid-thigh to lower calf, and there are no visual symptoms. It feels like a dull ache and is mildly relieved on elevation of the said limbs...
Are you big for your height? (lets not beat about the bush - are you overweight?) is the pain more prominent in the knee? do you get pains in other joints (without good reason) - maybe not this time, but on other occasions? if yes then possibly gout, but wise to see a doctor anyway.
ps. not wise to drink on an empty stomach - eat a light meal (not a banquet for 4 otherwise no room for booze!) about an hour before
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Thanks for the input, no Im the right weight for my height, I think I may have to see the Doc. Many Thanks.
Also get this if I have seriously overindulged (which, of course, is rare!) and would say its more of a cramp feeling. Non-deliberate trial and error points in my case to dehydration - something for you to look out for?
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Don't want to worry you - but according to this link maybe you had better stop drinking :-(
Did you get legless? Maybe they weren't put back on properly.
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I always get achey legs too and have often wondered why! A hot bath usually sorts me out!
I dont get achy legs after a night on the lash but I would be interested in why I get hot feet and hands the next day?!! anyone else get that?
I often get quite severe pains in my legs after a particularly heavy night's drinking session. The pain is usually centred in my knees. I wonder whether it's dehydration? Certainly i don't think it's anything serious.

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Why do my legs ache after a night of drinking alchohol?

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