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alinic | 18:51 Sat 30th Dec 2006 | Body & Soul
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Hi everyone!, I would like to make a wish list before am 40! I read a lot of your questions and answers and you are all so good at giving good and sometimes funny advice! so here a challange for you all! Manythanks in advance!


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How long have your got before you hit the big 40?
How long have you got til you're 40 alinic? 2 of mine were wanting to fly on Concord and riding the Orient Express... kinda given up on the Concord one :0(
Wanted to see the tombs in Egypt before they were destroyed.. did it and loved it
Wanted to holiday on the Maldives.... did it and was awe struck
Ride an Elephant... check
Bungee jump... changed my mind
Learn to sail.... check
So it's really the Orient Express and learning to dive now..... That could be an interesting holiday :0)
Lol sorry Athley you can type faster than me :0(
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Hi its about 7months! and its coming round fast!
Well I would say

Swim with dolphins (did that in Oz this year and in the wild too so double bonus)
See the Great Barrier Reef (will be doing that next time we visit Oz)
Swim with Killer Whales (not done this yet and am doubtful I ever will, unfortunately)
See the Maldives before they disappear (due to Global warming and rising sea levels).

You'd need a lot of spare cash and time to do these though in 7 months.
Hmmm, my wish wouldnt take long for me. But for you i could suggest a few things.
Have a walk round your house blindfolded and see if you know it as well as you think.
Stand over a bridge and spit on someone, blame some kids as they will never suspect it to be you.
Go to the middle east and see what its like to live 300 years ago.
Have a menage a trois.
I could go on all night, but i had better not...

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