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gasman | 17:10 Sat 30th Dec 2006 | Body & Soul
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We all know by now Saddam Hussein has been hanged to death, his execution filmed and images of the hanging released to the media. Even now on BBC World you can see pictures of Saddam having the noose put around his neck, and of his body after the hanging. Is this kind of 'documentary evidence' necessary to prove to skeptics that the former despot is really dead... or is it all a result of some sort of macabre delight those who had most reason to wish him dead seem determined to express?


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I think the visal images are used to back up the fact that this is a monumnetal event in world history. It's not commonplace for former national leaders to be executed, and given the war and resulting international chaos, this execution is groundbreaking, and the media will use every means available to ensure that its impact is comensurate with its effect.

I don't think it's designed to prove the execution to sceptics, or to pander to the wishes of those who wanted to see Sadam die - i think it is an historically monumental event, captured for the world to see in our increasingly visual age.
I agree with Andy. The media seems to be pushing more and more visual boundries these days with the pictures they show. I was thinking that yesterday when I flicked through a copy of the Sun newspaper and was faced with a picture of James Brown lying dead in his casket for all to see in New York. I found it quite distubing as it wasnt what I expected to see.

It's because they can do it now and future generations will be able to look back and have a much more graphic reference to these events that what we have had.

The media also did it when Saddams sons were killed in a raid they showed pictures of them all mutilated.
That person was a barbaric tyrant who caused pain and suffering to hundreds and hundreds of people and although nothing will take that away it has to be SEEN that it will not be allowed to go unpunished. I personally agree with Wardys answer in a previous posting and the man should have been made to suffer over and over again
Ghoulish. I have read a report that Saddam died instantly. From what I've seen, I doubt that. A 'proper' hanging a la Pierrepoint requires an accurately positioned noose and a measured drop. I'll bet neither obtained here, and that the poor sod strangled to death - as did so many of his victims.

I think its horrible, why would anyone want to watch someone die?? even someone as undoubtable evil as him. It worries me that people are so ghoulish
probably to prove to his followers that he was really dead. After all, there are endless conspiracy theories about how the moon landings never took place, Elvis didn't really die and so on. So the more evidence the better. I don't know about the actual death, whiffey: too short a rope and you strangle, too long and your head comes off. But it's perfectly possible that there are experienced hangmen in Baghdad who can do their own calculations.
Hmmm, its just news isnt it? Its only like showng footage of a car crashing and the after effects. Its just video footage to go with it...
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I fail to see the connection between a caculated and deliberate act such as execution, to the unfortunate aftermath of a car crash. The victim's of a car crash did not deserve the outcome where as i think we are all in agreement that Saddam did deserve it. Still does it seem right to graphically broadcast it to the world though.
yeah, as its news. its the middle east news that showed the footage. The news networks here just air it. Basically they are just letting the world know whats going on.
I'VE SEEN THE ACTUALL HANGING OF SADDAM! its sick, the guys that were doing it were all laughing in his face and taunting him. i know saddam did horrific things but i personally think his execution was done all wrong. oh and by the way when the rope was cut after he had been hanging, he was still alive for a while as i saw it and could see his face. as i watched i felt physically sick as i think there is something sinister in watching and actually seeing someone die. It was horrible,but i was compelled to look.

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