What makes us have particular tastes?

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jeanette1976 | 16:58 Sat 30th Dec 2006 | Body & Soul
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Following on from jenna's question about the types of people we fancy.... for instance, mine and Goodsoulette fancy the same kind of guys and yet another two fancy meat-head Bruce Willis types with short hair?

Is it something to do with the way we were brought up?


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I know some people say you can be attracted to men who look like your dad or women like your mum (bit wierd). However, my dad is quite short, white, fair haired welshman and I'm married to a big black man from North London so I don't think that theory works!!!
Interesting website on this jeanette.
Not sure I entirely agree with all that they are saying, but I do think we decide on the type of man/woman early on in life.
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Thanks.... also, I remember hearing something on tv about our body smells and our animal insticts... but that has nothing to do with the physical aspect.
Well apparently I have bad taste.

I couldnt fancy anyone I saw something of my parents in. I have alwasy fancied the same sort of guys though.
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Yes, same here... and my mates all laugh at me for whoever it is I fancy.... I NEVER go for typically good-looking blokes.
Hmmm, maybe i would have a chancewith you then...
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Maybe we should meet up and have fights over the slightly odd looking guys then Jeanette?

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What makes us have particular tastes?

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