what are the after effects of shingles?

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bubbles4920 | 00:34 Mon 04th Dec 2006 | Body & Soul
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what are the after effects of shingles? someone told me now that the spots are drying up that one can be in pain for weeks, is this true?


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Unfortunately, yes and in some cases months and in rare cases years...the long lasting pain is called post-herpetic neuralgia or PHN...
I hope you were fortunate enough to have gotten the drugs before the 48 hours were up so you won't every have them again!!! I almost didn't, because I thought it was poision ivy or something - and then the doctor thought I was too young for shingles - now I am hearing about it younger all the time. Even after taking the meds, and after the spots were healed, that stabbing pain continued for 2 or 3 months.
Glad I looked on this thread, my husband has shingles at the moment, unfortunatley he didnt realise it either and it was four days before he saw the doctor, so does this mean he will get them again? He has a terrble pain in his shoulder as if he had a pulled muscle, is that a part of shingles. Thanks for the info bbwchatt, if you have any more that would help him would you let me know please.

thanks xxx
I had shingles, years ago, once the spots had gone I had no pain. It came back 15 years later, but seemed to clear up by itself in a few days with no further treatment.

I dont think it would be assciated with with a muscular type pain though.
I get shingles a lot (once every 4 months or so) its always either at the top of my leg or on my collar bone - in patches the size of a 2p piece. Unfortunately its a strain of herpes (simplex as opposed to complex which is the genital type) so I'm stuck with it for life . I go to the docs and get cream for it (aclivor) but zovirax will help clear it up. Its brought on (in my case anyway) by either stress (I'm not a worrier so its my body's way of dealing with it) or, more commonly, extreme temperatures (hot and cold). I hasten to add in my case although the pain is extreme at the time (being a nerve condition it doesn't just hurt where the spots/blisters are - it travels right down the nerve, it doesn't hurt after the blisters have started to dry up.
I had terrible pain for about a week before the spots appeared and when I woke up and saw spots I knew what I had got. The unfortunate thing is long after spots vanish you can still get pain because it affects the nerve endings. I think it depends on where the rash is as to the amount of pain involved.
My husband had a really bad attack of shingles years ago, and for several years afterwards it always used to flare up again when he was tired or stressed. I think it can sometimes unfortunately take a long time to burn itself out of your system.
bubbles - I am sending you a link to the Mayo Clinic website that tells you everything about shingles. I wish my pain had ended with the blisters, but it went on for months. I sincerely hope yours is different!!!
Bubbles - if it isn't too much trouble - and if you have the time - could you please let us know if we gave you what you needed or if we need to keep looking?

Thanks for your help.
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sorry my lovely, yes , the information was most helpful. i have almost recovered but do still get some pain when i twist and turn and when i feel stressed or worried the pain seems to come back.
Unfortunately i have shingles at the moment, i was so clueless to what was going on, just had really tingly feeling in my right hand, had really shocking pain in my shoulders as if i had slept bad, the rash stated coming out, still clueless as of whats going on, went to the ER, seems as thought the doctor was clueless as to what was going on with me, so days 5 i went to a private doctor in which he told me what was going on, the discomfort and pain is high, calamine lotion helps cools it, i am scared that it comes back its an horrible virus

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