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flipflop104 | 02:32 Sat 02nd Dec 2006 | Body & Soul
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Do you have this thing that wants to ask/tel someone (my beloved) the truth even if you know you shouldn't..... just yet.

And when you know it shouldn't be talked about (it's a big secret - something I've just happened upon by mistake) do you share with your loved one or keep it and hope it passes by or do you share with your loved one (this is a difficult Q for me cos I wanna share EVERYTHING with my loved one).


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keep schtum
What is it?? Tell me! I won't tell anyone. Then I'll tell you if you should share it or not! shhhhhhhhhhhhh
wait 6 weeks, if you still want to, do it. I did and lived happily ever after.
silence is golden
even the mighty minter is grasping that one

I think it really does depend what it is, but in reality virtually ALL secrets come out in the end,mo matter how hard you try to hide them, if I have something on my mind I have to deal with it, I won't lie, I just seee it and say it, gets me in trouble sometimes, but thats life, hope you sort it, Ray
Ooooh,what is it?? We won't tell!
Well i'm intrigued now!!! OK...

1. Does anyone else know you know?
2. If it comes out later and it was found out you knew all along would it cause trouble.
3. Does the secret affect your partner in any way?
4. Would you want to know if you were your partner?
5. What would be the effect of telling them?
6. You mention asking him, is it something he already knows or could know?

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I can't tell you wat it is but it doesn't affect me and my partner's relationship.

She would probably want to know which is why I wanna tell her.

But I'm also hoping the person involved will either let it all go away and disappear or tell ppl himself.

Although his "actions" do have an effect on at least one other person who I don't want to get hurt (which is why I'm hoping it will just go away).

What problems could telling her cause?
Now I wana know even more!! If it doesnt affect your relationship then why can't you tell your partner?? Go on,unburden yourself and tell us!

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