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enigma | 00:31 Wed 15th Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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I have recently started taking the contraceptive mini pill Cerazette but I am a bit worried about the possible side effects such as continuous bleeding , (I was advised that I could have a bleed for up to six months solid !!!) irregular bleeding , mood swings , hair loss etc. Now I am quite reluctant to take it but not wishing to increase my family and unable to take the combined pill because I am still breastfeeding , I don't see what other options are open to me. I don't feel comfortable with the idea of a coil because of horror stories I have been told by friends and I don't fancy the injections as I am scared of needles. The same goes for having rod implants fitted. The idea of that fills me with horror ! Has anyone taken Cerazette and experienced any unpleasant side effects ? Is there an alternative mini pill which I can take which allows the same amount of leeway if you forget to take a pill ? (Up to twelve hours with Cerazette. I am stopping breastfeeding around the end of December so I intend to change back to the combined pill then but I am not sure what to do in the meantime .......... except cross my legs and smack my hubby round the head with a frying pan if he comes near me. (Only kidding)


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I have been on Cerazette for nearly three years now and I find it fine. The only thing is it's completely stopped my periods! I know this is very common with this pill. I don't mind it but I know some it bothers some people. I did have one very long period (can't remember how long) when I started taking it but then they just stopped. I'be had no other side effects though so it's suited me ok and I'd say it's a good one to be on.
i will be watching this thread with interest, as i started taking it 2 days ago. i too am unsure about it. i dont recall being advised about a long bleed - which is now worrying me, but i was concerned about the fact that my periods might stop altogether. when i was taking the combined pill, i took it continuously, for example if i was due a period on a holiday and it left me feeling awful, kinda bunged up and yukky and im worried that will be compounded if i stop having periods altogether.
The lack of periods is quite weird. I never really get the pains now though if that's what worries you. Occasionally I get slight cramping but it's nothing major. Also the long bleed I had to begin with went on a bit but I don't remember it being all that bad.
Most people taking cerezette dont seem to have any problems - it is the only 1 with a 12 hour window - it doesnt have as many problems with weight gain or bleeding like the injection or implants (25% have enough problems to have it taken out). Cerezette can have problems with bleeding for the 1st 3-6months but this is unusual - usually people have none or lighter ones from day 1.
Dont forget that breastfeeding may also stop your periods and will also reduce your fertility. Are condoms an alternative for now?
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Thanks to everyone for your answers.

Gloop , I quite like the sound of no periods ! I can't complain though because up until about four months ago , I didn't have a period for over four years because I went from being pregnant to breastfeeding to pregnant again and then breastfeeding once more - so I can't complain really. I am normally very heavy and crampy so I was worried about bleeding for weeks on end and with Christmas not far away , I was a bit concerned that I would be bleeding on and off. I still have my doubts though to be honest as if it takes a while to settle down , then I may find myself with heavy bleeding all throughout December. I'll see how it goes though.

Mandimoo - I am on day five of my pills so we must have started around the same time. Maybe we could swap notes ...... or horror stories lol !

Hans_Olo - I actually conceived my son whilst I was breastfeeding my daughter and my periods had not returned at all. I must have been ovulating at that point though for me to concieve but as I mentioned above , until recently I did not have any periods. I should also have mentioned in my original post that my hubby and I had been using condoms until I could go back on the pill but we had a scare and I realised that I could have been pregnant which is not what either of us really want , so I decided that I should go back on the pill. So that's not really an option anymore because accidents do happen but I am just so wary about taking this pill because I was also advised that it poses a higher risk for women in terms of breast cancer in comparison to the combined pill. I'll see how it goes though. If it's not for me , then I can always switch to something else.

Thank you all once again for your answers.

each to their own, but i found that this pill needs more research they are too quick to dish it out to post natal women over 35. apart from the constant bleeding vile mood swings and shedding hair like a yak in springtime,ive heard nothing but the negative about this pill just stopped taking it after five months of trying, keep ya legs crossed,be ready with that frying pan and wait till you go back on the pill you know does not harm you!!
Hi enigma, just wondered how you are getting on with Cerazette, my daughter has just started taking it to help stop the horrendous period pains she has. Have you had any side effects? Thanks.
Hi, I've been on cerazette for about 3 years and I think it's great (well for me anyway). Periods were the absolute bain of my life, but i havent had one now for 2 1/2 years.

Apparently it stops the periods in 87% of users - only no one told me this and it cost me a fortune in pregnancy tests over the first few month LOL!

I certainly didnt suffer from any long bleed - my periods carried on as normal (just a bit lighter then normal) and stopped completely by about month 4.

I would recommend this pill to anyone who suffers monthly - there is not need!!

Every medication will have a string of users who have been unhappy with it and every medication does not suit everybody. The best thing to do is give it a try and hope it works for you....if not try something else!

heya, i am now on my second month of cezarette, and awaiting a period , and have been slightly worried that i may be pregnant, but after reading these i realise many women do not have periods anymore - so maybe thats whats happened to me? should i take a test just incase?
hiya. i was on it for about 4months, i felt awful.. my boobs were swollen and very sore, i felt sluggish, tired and had a massive outbreak of acne, and had zero libido, i was also convinced i put on weight (but thats just me). I dont want to put you off it but i really didnt like it.
i stopped there around 7weeks ago and every 5 or 6 days i have bled heavily for 3 or 4 days then stopped and it went on like that.
everybodys diffferent so i my advice would be just to try it and if it dosnt work well for you stop it :)

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