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Tha-Flash | 23:05 Mon 13th Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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What's up guys...

I'm thinking about changing my sleep routine just to see how it affects me basically. I've heard of people getting like 6 hours sleep and feeling fine for the whole day. Do any of you do this or know one who can?

I know it's supposed to be 8 hours but isn't it possible to train your body to be able to have only 6?


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I sleep about 4 or 5 hours per night if I'm lucky but I don't feel tired so I imagine that everything is as it should be. I never relax though, my mind is always whirring, but my energy levels are good and I'm quite fit and healthy, but it's natural to me, not something I've cultivated (I can't sleep longer very often).
I sometimes only have 2 hours. I don`t like going to bed. I don`t know about training your body I`ve always been the same,so never suffer any ill effects.As a child I was put on sleeping tablets,so my parents could get some sleep.
don't think 8 hours sleep is necessary for everyone. some people need more and some can manage with much less. a lot of older people need a lot less sleep than a younger person mainly because they are generally less active throughout their day,sometimes having as little as 4 hours sleep a night.if 8 hours is working for you and has done for some time having less will probably leave you feeling pretty washed out and run down.probably not a good idea this time of year with the cold and flu season on us as your body won't fight infections off as it normally would and you will get every cold bug going.
Mrs. Thatcher did all the time she was PM - 5hrs I believe.

If I don't have 8 I just don't function,

I guess your body knows best so go to bed when you are tired and see when you wake up naturally (no alarm clock) if you can.That should give you an indication.
In my 20s I could sleep up to 10 hours and more a night (long lie-ins) but now im a lot older the less sleep i seem to need, I comfortably get by on 6 hours now....and feel fine on that, any less and I suffer.
I don't need 8 hrs either. Get by on 5 or 6 usually. Some will need more than 8, so it must average out. Elderly people will often fall asleep in their armchair, so will need less at night-time!! Winston Churchill swore to having 20 minutes in the afternoon, which he said allowed him to knock of a couple of hours sleep required each night.
10 hours or more if I can get away with it.

If I'm honest I'd only get out of bed once I'd developed bed sores, I adore my bed, can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be.

Whether your body would get used to less sleep than you're normally used to? Yes I guess so, might be a bit of a slog at first, but worth it- provided you like that sort of thing!

Why you doing it anyway?
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Well BOO, I have no real routine at the moment and I have to be out early in the morning but I like to stay up late because I'm not usually tired (I'm only tired for so long when I get back home then I'm fine). Today I woke up and had 15 mins to catch the bus.

Who knows - I might even need more sleep because I'm usually tired in the morning and really wanna go back to sleep.

It's rare that I go to bed, wake up and actually feel like getting up. I think I turn my alarm off subconsciously now but I'd rather just wake up at that time naturally.

I'm getting tired (or at least just for a while) now anyway.

Night peeps!
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Btw, don't you feel worse if you sleep in TOO long though?
Funny, I was actually thinking about writing the same question this morning!!!!! S-P-O-O-K-Y!!!
Aanyway, I usually watch the 9pm film, go to bed at 11 and read until approx. 12.30 and wait for sleep... usually about 1-1.30 then up at 6.30. Tired when i wake but after a shower, I'm wide awake. After a big lunch i get a bit drowsy for a hour and when i get home, usually i doze for about 15-20 mions... then i'm wide awake until i force myself to sleep.

However, on a weekend, I can sleep all day though... and i'm not sure about what it may do for my appearance, ie. crows feet or dark circles!!!! ;D
i wonder if the people who say they get 8 hours a night actually sleep that long or are just in bed that long?? personally its rare if i sleep for more than a couple of continual hours. last night i woke every hour, give or take a few mins, and got up to go to the loo (i have nightmares if i dont)! i feel pretty good today, but sometimes im so tired i feel sick and my eyes are literally rolling up into my head trying to pass out - which would be great if i was in bed, but im usually at work.

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