tingley outer ear driving me mad! is there a cure?

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spdunky | 20:32 Mon 13th Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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Hi, outer ear is driving me mad, its been like it for years, as far back as i can remember but it hasnt been this bad. its not my ear canal or anything to do with the inner ear, its the folded part of my ear that sticks out and forms the shape of my ear. it keeps on tingling and i keep on having to rub or scratch it to make it stop, i can only sleep with that side of my head on the pillow because of the annoying feeling. does anyone know what this is or know how to stop it? hope someone can help. cheers


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You can buy a cream to stop itching, its called lanacain, I think you can get it in Tesco's or get it at the chemist, it is very good.

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tingley outer ear driving me mad! is there a cure?

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