pregnancy, could i be or not

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chazabella | 20:19 Tue 31st Oct 2006 | Body & Soul
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My husband and I are currently trying for baby no2. My period is like clockwork, every 28 days, not a day over or under. My period is 4 days late. I have done two home pregnancy tests, both of which were negative, went to the doctors and they sent a sample away, got the results today, it was also negative. I feel tired, worn out and my boobs are aching. If my husband and I had sex a week before my period was due, could it be the case that it might not show yet? Just seems weird that I'm getting what feel like pregnancy symptoms.
Has anyone else been in the same situation or can maybe shed some light?
Just that we got pregnant twice before, without much trying, the first ended in miscarriage and the second is now a 16month old boy.


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Are you anaemic? After all those tests I dare say you arent expecting honey, or you could be about to have your period if you have achey boobs etc, sometimes it doesnt always come along like clockwork little things can stall it....
my friend thought she was pregnant, she was in a simila situation to you, she went to her local sexual health clinic, negative, she went to her gp a week later, negative, 3 days later she did a home test and it was positive, i think u may just need to give it a couple of weeks, then try again, in the meantime, be good to your body, just in case you are! and have plenty of foilc acid and folic acid foods! xxx
sorry about the spelling errors!
Hiya chaz, I got a couple of negative readings, so I decided to wait a bit longer.. two weeks later, postive! :o) it could be that there's just not enough of the pregnancy hormone showing up yet.

You could be and it may just be too early for your pregnancy hormone to show, however to be honest if you tried to conceive a week before your period is due I think it is unlikely. You said that you have a regular 28 day cycle, in that case you most likely ovulated 14 days before your period was due, not 7. Most women have varying follicular phases before ovulation but the luteal phase (I think thats the right way round) is normally a pretty standard 2 weeks from ovulation. Have you tried charting your temperatures for a few months to see when you ovulate?

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Thanks to everyone that replied to my post.
I did another test yesterday and it is positive!!
Thanks again

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pregnancy, could i be or not

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