Memory Loss

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o9roberts | 18:23 Mon 23rd Oct 2006 | Body & Soul
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I frequently forget what i'm talking about, i lose my train of thought and then forget what the question or the topic was. This happens moreso in interviews when i jump into the question before i've had time to think about it.

This is starting to worry me as it makes me look foolish and is holding my career back! Is this serious and should i seek medical advice or mental guidance, is my lifestyle likely to be the cause of this problem?

Please help as it is starting to really depress me and is making me question my intelligence.


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You don't say what your lifestyle is like?

I would say that if you are worried it may be worth a visit to the Doctor, if nothing more than to put your mind at rest, if there is a problem, its always better to catch things sooner than later.

Good luck mate!!
09, would you mind telling what age you are ?
Please don't be offended by the following question...

You don't smoke dope, do you?
i would say its all about the "inner you" (sorry, im not going guru) and probably not much to blame on your lifestyle.

before an interview chill out and have a clear head. when being spoken to, keep this calmness and just concentrate on what the person is asking. take a breath, run through it quickly in you mind and clearly and easily reply.

remember - when under stress, what seems a long time to you is actually very short to others.
being calm and collected will show you are responsible for the job.
You're not the first person on AB to post this query - please be assured that this is common.

I have a tendency to forget things/lose concentration and often need to be given instructions two or three times before I can do something.

I never used to have this problem, but I think it's down to the following factors:

1. Stress - is anything on your mind, or do you have a chaotic workload?
2. Drive/Motivation - in my case I have yet to find my niche in life and really struggle to motivate myself or make an effort when I know I'm not in my ideal life position (some may call it stuck in a rut, others call it laziness)
3. Lifestyle/diet: Sounds obvious but I think regular excercise plus a good diet (lots of Omega oils and B vitamins) is supposed to help concentration and focus.

The dope question is also valid - all the pot smokers I know are ridiculously forgetful and dopey ;o)

Good luck
Yes, sorry, some years ago I was a heavy user and had a terrible short term memory.

I'd walk into a room and realise I'd forgotten why I'd gone in there, or open a cupboard and wonder what I was looking for. And I'd often start a story and then wonder what point I was trying to make.

Good news is that a couple of years after stopping - all was back to normal.
What you describe is a classic case of severe pressure and stress. I know as I've been there when I had my own chauffeur business. I worked seven days a week for twelve years - even Xmas Days.
I eventually reached one point where I thought if I was older I would be scared that I had Alzheimers Disease. I knew I didn't as I was in my 30s! But I went for a whole week once when I couldn't even remember my wife's name! I even tried writing it down and learning it - but I couldn't remember her bloody name! That went after a week but my wife said I kept repeating myself and asking questions she'd just answered twice. I knew London like the back of my hand but one day my brain froze in the West End. I didn't know where I was and I couldn't even work out how to use the A-Z! I drove aimlessly for five hours until I stumbled onto a road I knew to get home.
I eventually sold the business when I was 36 - but I've never been the same. I eventually spent a long time in hospital. I spent years coping with every pressure and problem that came my way. But now I go to pieces if a letter comes through the door for pizzas, or if I can't remember how to make a sandwich.
I'm now 44 and I was lucky I made my money. I paid off my mortgage and we never have to worry about bills - but it just wasn't worth it. If your job is cracking you up - then get something else. I know that's easy to say - but you are only here once. You don't get another go. Your life was given to you for living - not for you to wreck yourself.
I also suffer from this problem and I am not a drug user. Im 25, and it has really knocked my confidence. Since am dyspraxic (although mild-moderate only) it is possible that so are you. I sugest you visit this website for more info:
have u 4got about ur question on here

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I don't smoke dope at all! Some great answers especially chrissiekins and scotts babe thanks. Think it is down to motivation and self belief/confidence to be honest, need to belief in myself more.

Went for almost dream job assement day and got the job so maybe i'm not as usless as i thought!!

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