michelson dead sea patches

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demondragon | 23:03 Sat 14th Oct 2006 | Body & Soul
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I recieved a ad from the michelson dead sea patches.I know that there is no such thing as a miracle pill,not quite sure bout patches.but I want some opinions before I take a risk of ordering


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Are these for slimming.
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so they say
Here`s my list.... Limits slimming biscuits, slimfast powder took befor meals, Aydes toffee you ate before meals, Tonic slim powder you put in the bath. Plastic suit you wore in bed. Adioss(spelling) took with meals.Slim Fast everyones had.Slimming World. The only thing I found of any use was Weight Watchers counting the points.My trouble is I dont eat enough. The patches will come with diet and exercise do they. At your age I would have probably bought them.
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I don't eat in any way,usually a hot pocket,here & there,but I'm so obsessed with green tea! I drink more than I do,the patches doesn't have any diet or exercise plan,just eat as u normally do
Hi demondragon, hope you don't mind me butting in but I saw that you drink a lot of green tea and hoped you could give me some advice. I just started drinking it yesterday - had 3 cups then and 4 today - and it's been doing some 'interesting ' things to my digestion. Is this normal , is it the detoxing? Thanks. x
So are you overweight by much.
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green tea is very healthy for u,especially to ur digestion helps u cleanse ur body from toxins & yes,its normal.As for me,it helps me control my hunger.ur very much welcome. oldwoman,I'm as much 40lbs overweight,I've tried other diets,nothig seems to work
Thanks again demondragon, I'll stick with it.
I`ve read about some similar patches and they supress the appetite. As your not eating now you know this doesn`t work so you`ve saved some money.I would rather snack than eat so there`s our pattern. You will have to start eating to boost your metabolism. Report back next week and tell me how much you`ve lost. Please eat Best of luck.
I didn't try those patches - but I tried a brand that I have forgotten the name of - it made my heart race so I only used a couple of them.

We ALLLLLLL know how to lose weight - and it doesn't cost a thing!!! Eat more vegetables and fruits and some meat/fish/poultry - less pasta and breads - eliminate snacks and sugar. But most of all - move your body!!!! It doesn't matter so much what kind of movement as that you keep doing it!!!

That said - knowing exactly what to do - I am still waaaayyy overweight - and sitting here on the computer instead of up and out "moving my body"!!!!!!
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yes,I know that but the thing with diets is u got to stick with it! a wrong move,woop!,the weight comes back & doing the same over,over,again ain't my thing.Time is no hurry for me,I don't want to lose & gain it back a week later.A friend of mine tried those dexitrim pills,ate only fruits & vegetables,drinks lots of water,no exercise,lost weight fast.The thing is,like I said,I don't eat,for me,fruits & vegetables r expensive

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