Do men cry?

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robbo82 | 00:37 Sat 07th Oct 2006 | Body & Soul
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I like to think I'm a modern kind of guy who's in touch with his feminine side, but I genuinely never cry. I don't think I've physically shed tears for at least five years. Are most other guys the same or do you like to have a good bawl every now and then?


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My son is a big guy - 6 foot 2 inches tall and very strong and very masculine - cried when his dog Zeus (a boxer) died and so did the whole family. He buried him on his property and my sister and I bought him a granite headstone (like they have in cemetaries) that said "Zeus - King of Dogs". I don't visit often even though he lives about 30 minutes away - but when I do I always go out to pay homage to Zeusie.
I cry quite easily, which bothers me not at all.

Crying is catharthic, and very underestimated in western society. We, especially men, get the 'big boys don;t cry ...' angle from little boys and some never manage to shake it off. Crying is good for you. I may not go into a full-scale howling session, but I will let tears come if they need to.

Last time I cried? Two hours ago. In the house on my own, wife away for weekend, youngest daughter at work. Playing music to myself. played 'Hurt' by Johnny Cash - tears by the end. Felt better for it.
I have always regarded myself as being in touch with my feminine side and have no problem showing my emotions (including crying).
Last time I really cried was a few months ago when I thought my 20 year old cat was finally on her way out after falling ill. I phoned the vet but was told that he couldn't really do anything for her and it seemed like her time had come. Bless her heart, she knew what to do to cure herself (by sleeping in a chair for two days solid apart from trips to her litter tray), and made a full recovery. :-) I know she's got to go sooner or later and she's had a lovely life, but I'll probably still be blubbing when it happens.

Music often makes the tears well up, but they don't tend to seep out. This can happen just as easily with very happy songs as with very sad ones.

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Do men cry?

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