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gasman | 22:31 Wed 04th Oct 2006 | Body & Soul
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What is the most answers you have ever had to a single question on AB. And have you ever had all serious answers ( as if ). lmao.


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In a previous name on here, I once got nearly 100 replies. But think most of it was folk having a chat! :)
i had about 1500 answers on my jen v ange thread!! i think they were all serious answers!!

i mean come on, if you was lucky enough to be brad..who would you choose???????
ange, every time. she's my wallpaper on my pc too missssssdeeerrr aaannddeerrrssssooonn!!!
Cheeky RB!!! ROFL

Trying to muster up another 1500? and on someone else's thread...HI-JACK big time Lol

thought you had the loverly Jessica, as wallpaper??
i did.
but she dear john'ed me!! lol
Probably heard about your "blonde" marriages LOL

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