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partyanimal | 14:59 Wed 27th Sep 2006 | Body & Soul
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Ive been looking at this site for a couple of days now and find it very funny, but something puzzles me!!
quite a few of you use lol in your posts, can someone please explain to me what it means, ta.


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Hi partyanimal, i believe it means Laugh Out Loud!
Lots of Laughs
Lol is just Lol.

Some will have it that it means Laughing Out Loud, but Lol now has a life of its own, and is just Lol.

Others are PMSL, ROFFPASMSL, new and vibrant words.

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Thanks guys ...... & gals?.
& thanks for the link Boo..
a bit of advice re L O L if you wish to be involved on this site use it or a wee smiley face at all times as i have found to my peril that some humour does not travel well down the keyboard, some people get it others dont,
I thought it meant lots of love,then I`m old. Thought everyone was beeing nice to each other.
Question Author
Thanks crete, ill take that on board. : - )
BOO great post thanks very informative
What's Imao?
partyanimal you are much more clever than me i cant do thosr wee smileys i have to rely on L O L.
laughin My A55 Off LMAO
amongst many others
gives you loads! :-)
the above link is useful, ☺☻☼☺
i thought it was lamps of laver

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