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Linda51 | 10:36 Tue 26th Sep 2006 | Body & Soul
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Whats the best diet. I'm going on holiday in five weeks and would just like to lose a few pounds, I've done slimming world but have come to a stand still. I would like to try to find one that I could get my husband doing as well without him noticing. (sneaky)


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Low GL - Cut out all refined carbs and sugar completely, and for the first 30 days alcohol and caffeine. Up your intake of water to 6-8 glasses per day. Change to good carbs ie brown pasta, rice and wholemeal bread. Eat with good protein, lean chicken, turkey or fish. Lots of veg (not potatoes) and salad. Porridge oats or no sugar muesli for breakfast. Two fruit snacks morning and afternoon. Lots of seeds, nuts, oily fish and berries. Use soya milk instead of dairy. Take 100mg vitamin c every day. I used this diet because I was studying to become a Nutritional Therapist and I wanted to see if it worked, it does, my husband lost a stone in a cuple of weeks and I lost 18 pounds in just over a month. There is a book called the Low GL diet by Patrick Holford if you are interested. Good Luck x
Maybe don't diet just change your way of eating.

So always have breakfast - wholegrains, fruit, yogurt - low fat snacks that aren't too sugary. Lunch and Dinner should include a slow releasing carbohydrate i.e brown rice, wholegrain pasta. A good selection of vegetables and lean meat or fish. If you are veggie you can have Quinoa (very good for you), tofu, quorn.

Drink loads of water. And exercise everyday if you can!

Have a treat - occasionally!
I think your husband will notice that diet. Brilliant if you can persuade him though. I would reduce your fat intake to around 30 gs a day, cut out red meat and dont buy ANY junk. Say no to takeaways till your holiday and just claim you want the cash to go on nice things for your holiday instead.
Do you excercise? That's better for you than 'going on a diet' - eat as much fruit as possible and eat food you have prepared yourself from scratch - don't use pre-prepared food or buy 'slimmer' ready meals.
Consume fewer calories. Guaranteed to work.
Actually eating fewer calories is NOT guaranteed to work.
Sorry amara, you are quite right.

What I meant to say was consume fewer calories than your body needs. It's simple science.

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