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sandrajo | 13:09 Fri 22nd Sep 2006 | Body & Soul
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I was seeing a Psychologist for just under a year and thought that I was fine and had sorted out my problems, but recent events in my life have made me feel the way I had been feeling for me to see him in the first place, should I ask to be referred back to see him as a failure or should I give myself a shake and try and just get on with it? Am I always going to feel like I need to speak to someone every time I hit a crisis in my life, I thought I could cope with things better now, but obviously I was mistaken. This is not about sympathy, I honestly would like you're opinion on what you feel I should do?


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I have never seen a psychologist before but have a medical condition which requires checkouts twice a year and a brain scan once a year. Just to monitor it. So I have a condition which I need help with too!
I do not see having to be referred back to a psychologist any different. If you are having problems then you should seek help and you are by no means a failure because you are thinking about going back.
I think if there is any problem in life one should fix it. Tell your psychologist how you feel and that you are worried every time you have a crisis you need to speak to somone. S/he may have more advice for you. Perhaps counselling may also help.
I have moments in my life where I sit and think what a failure I am and that I am useless at most things but then I try to remind myself that i have very good points too.
People deal with things in different ways, so if you are desperate then that is the sign that you should see someone. I am not the best person at giving advice though. Maybe you could call the samaratans or another helpline where you can chat to somebody with more experience than strangers on a website and see what they advise.Take Care :-)
At your last appointment did he not say if you have any problems in the future come and see me again. I think as a psychologist he would know that you would need some future support. If he helped in the first place go back and see him.
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Thanks oldwoman, he did say to go back to my doctor if need be, i just don''t know if I'm falling at the first hurdle, as if I depend on him now.

I know people deal with things in different ways kate77 and I do kind of feel desperate, I know your not a councillor but your advice it very much appreciated, I don't feel I could speak to the samaratans, sometimes online to strangers is just as good as a stranger on a phone. Thanks again.
I have experience of this and feel VERY strongly about it.

(Just my opinion...)

If you feel that you made improvements with your psychologist and were happy (in general) with everything that took place, then i cannot see why you should not go back to him. If he did you some good, then surely you owe it to yourself to attempt to 'feel better' once more? If you did not achieve what you wanted to, perhaps you could find another with whom you might be able to.

Please do not see anything as a failure of any kind. Our minds are such complicated beasties, it's surprising more of us don't have therapy of some kind, for i believe many would benefit!

You will not necessarily ALWAYS need someone else's help when you hit a crisis - i don't any more - but if i felt that it would be helpful, i would certainly go back to my therapist.

Don't try and shake yourself up. I'm sure you know when you get to the point of needing help and perhaps you are now there.

Don't be so hard on yourself!

And good luck :0)
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Thanks fee-is-me that makes alot of sense, I appreciate your kind words.
I made sense...?!?!?!


If you are the same sandrajo who is on BI, and you ever want an anonymous ear to bend, PM me there, and i'll be happy to 'listen'.

I'm there as 'fee'.

Hi sandrajo - From what you are saying it would appear that although you felt you were fine, the underlying cause of your feelings was not dealt with completely and what then happens is it comes back again until we do deal with it. don't feel bad about this, it happens to everyone at some point in their life. If you feel this particular therapy is right for you then go back and try again, there are other options, a counsellor, hypnotherapist (depending on what the issues are), spiritual counsellor/healer. Don't ignore this because it probably won't go away on it's own, we all need guidance and support in our lives. I wish you much love and light - Amara xx
I went back and it helped :-) if you broke your leg again would you say that you wouldn't seek help because they'd mended it before?
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Thanks everyone, I think recent events in my life just got on top of me, but I've made an appointment for next week and I'll see what happens, I think I may just of had a panic attack this morning and wanted someone to sort it for me. Your answers are very much appreciated.
Its only people who have never experienced depression that would say 'give yourself a shake'. Its also old school. You go and get another referral again, because if you dont you will feel worse in the long run and you will feel more ill. Its good that you recognise you need help. Dont be ashamed!!!!
hello im no expert as such but have a mental condition and have had for years i can undissputidly tell u that u wud not be failing if u ask for help as for the pull yourself together brigade every psyciatrist ive seen has asssured me that this is nonsense and not possible if it helps u go back and take one step at a time setting small goals every day and pat yourself on the back wen u achieve them ive just done basic psycology trust me this works the best of luck

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