Skipping breakfast to lose weight - wrong isn't it??

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PinkFizz | 09:24 Wed 20th Sep 2006 | Body & Soul
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Could any of you lovely people confirm (or disagree!) that skipping breakfast in order to lose weight is wrong.I always thought that breakfast kick-started your metabolism in the mornings,and that if you did't then eat till lunch time you would in fact lose weight slower,but the person who doesn't agree with me says that they are losing weight and so if it works for them cutting it out completely then it must be ok.
What do you think?


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Well, I have heard and read many times that you should never skip breakfast because, as you say, it kick starts your metabolism for the day. I would say that your friend is just lucky in terms of losing his/her weight and that the skipping brekkie is just coincedence but I guess whatever you feel is helping you slim is right for you. I could never skip it anyway, always starving in the morning lol!!!!!!�!
Morning Pink,

I have always been under the impression that it's wrong. It does get your metabolism going. I just googled it to see what they say and it seems that it really is a very important meal!! icle_id,1178

Check out the third paragraph (starting with back to breakfast...). And check out all the other stuff on google!! Then present the info to the person and say ha ha!!!!

Hope the party went ok and you are recovering well!!!
I've tried it occasionally and find that I gorge on snacks around 10 a.m. when I feel starving. So now the weather is heading towards autumn I'm back to my microwaved porridge with a handful of frozen blackberries and chopped apple thrown in. As the oats burn off energy slowly, that keeps me going until lunchtime.
Hi Pinkfizz, you would initially loose more weight by missing breakfast....less calories etc, but in the long term a healthy breakfast is the way to matter how hungover you [or is that just me?]. How did your restful evening go?

Lisa x
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Hiya all - party was,erm,lets just say - NEVER AGAIN!!!
Lol - I just couldn't believe how much noise a bunch of 7 yr old boys could make!! My head was spinning - but I survived! And yes I did chill out with my wine afterwards!
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I thought I was right - I never miss breakfast although I do have it a bit late - after I have taken my son to school - I just prefer it that way.But the person skipping it has only been doing this for about a week and so I think the weight loss is because they are new to this.Silly really to go from the evening meal the night before,right through to lunch the next day.
I was told that cutting out breakfast is really bad for you because in effect your body is being starved from the time you last ate at night till the next day at lunchtime - well over 12 hours. Your body will start to retain fat because it's not sure when it's next proper meal is coming and it thinks it's being starved so it keeps hold of everything it can.

The best way to lose weight is actually a good breakfast, medium sized lunch and then smaller dinner, trying not to eat later than 7pm - 7.30pm and if you do get hungry try to snack on fruit/veg. I did this and I was amazed at how quickly the weight dropped off.

Only problem is that it's not always easy to eat that early.
Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, sup like a pauper.

Most important meal of the day.I have lost lots of weight (yippee) by eating porridge every morning which fills me up and stops me snacking until lunchtime.
my wife flatly refuses to miss breakfast ( even though eating within about 4hours of her getting up makes her feel sick) because she says that she'll pile on lots of weight if she misses it, so you're right Pink.If she wants to lose weight (and she can dramatically with little effort) she just has soups for dinner at night for a week or so.
you'll lose weight because you are eating less calories. I don't really eat breakfast because it makes me ill - but I enjoy some fruit juice and coffee which makes me last till lunch most days.

I think a definitive answer either way is not entirely accurate.
I think that by skipping breakfast your body holds onto the fat stored cos it knows you have missed a meal so you wouldnt really lose weight that way (read this somewhere ages ago) I never eat breakfast but cant see that eating a couple of weetabix every day would make me put extra weight on so therefore if you usually eat breakfast then skipping it probably wouldnt make you lose weight
I've heard the "Breakfast like a king..." proverb before and I've also had the experience of not eating breakfast for years, to eating breakfast again for an extended amount of time. I can honestly say that I didn't put on or lose any weight but I found that when I ate breakfast it curbed my mid-morning hunger and also kept me more alert for longer (going from a no-breakfast habit at uni where I'd fall asleep in lectures to working in admin getting up at 7 and eating breakfast, where I'd HAVE to be alert to do my job properly!). The only good way to stay slim/ lose weight is to eat a balanced healthy diet (forget faddy diets- tried most of em, all leave you feeling crap, or hungry or both!), and regular exercise. I know how hard it is to get into excersising BUT persevere and keep a routine (like going in the gym every other day) and you'll see real results! :)
Someone once told me :

Breakfast like a king
Lunch like a queen
Dinner like a servant
i have breakfast at 6am mon-fri but i still start snacking at about 10

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Skipping breakfast to lose weight - wrong isn't it??

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