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comloulou | 17:23 Thu 22nd May 2003 | Body & Soul
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I was unfortunate to catch a short film on CH4 last nite before ER about drinking urine and how good it is for you. Now I do yoga and I know how a netti pot works but why for the love of God would you drink your pee, wash with it and clean your nasal passages with it? I can see how it might be sterile but please people, its nasty!


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I turned over just as this was on the screen ... it was revolting!!! Its beyond belief the things people do.
That's a load of pish!! (groan) I have heard that squaddies use thier urine to disenfect the old chap if they have been with a lady of the night though this maybe urban myth but i know for a fact that a friend of mine swore by abthing his feet in his own wee to get rid of athlete's foot.
Yup - if it's so good for you, why does your body go to such complicated lengths to get rid of it?
And as for washing in it - I know it works for bats, but... eeeewww....
Human pee is reputed to cure everything from baldness to AIDS and cancer. There is a wealth of information on the net about it's benefits. It is well known to have beneficial results with skin problems such as acne, athletes foot etc. It is particularly good at dealing with chilblains. I have found a very informative web site that suggests that the best way to benefit is to "drink the middle stream of fresh morning urine mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice" It's a long, but interesting, read, and will certainly get you pondering. Check the following link and then let us know whether you are going to become a secret tippler.

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well I had a look at the article, eeeuugh no, I'll not be guzzling wee wee for anyone.
Sorry, I am no scientist or anything and I could be wrong but I always thought that pee was there your body's waste. Why would you DRINK it? Of all things really, your body got rid of it for a reason, didn't it? Even if it was good for you, come on, there's got to be a better, less stinky way of curing yourself of certain things (at least I HOPE so...)
My contribution to this is: I've drunk my own urine. There, I've said it. It didn't really taste of anything, slightly sweet, but I'm still here to tell the tale. Can't say I'd repeat the experience though, as it is a weird thing to do (probably not as weird as admitting it on a website).
All these people must stink, but probably cant smell it on themselves because of all the wee up their nose. I wonder if they bottle it and drink it according to the year. It makes you wonder....
This practice is well documented, although I have to admit I would find it very difficult to try it out. The fact is, however, that it is (in a healthy human) entirely sterile (no micro-organisms at all) and it apparently contains mostly SURPLUS compounds (i.e. various salts, etc. in excess of requirements for a correct balance for the body). I genuinely believe it would not do you any harm but am too much of a coward to put it to the test. If however I was ill with something and, all else having failed, I could see myself trying out a recommendation involving urine. By the way, it does not smell much at all until it has been out of the body for a while, by which time acquired micro-organisms from the environment are busy digesting it.
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lashings of golden shower stars to all!
if it did ya any good, ya body would stor it instead of get rid?? surely?
please please please do not! drink your pee. it is really bad for you it seriously affects your kidneys and other organs and eventually leads to death! do not do it!
I drink my urine all the time, at least one or two glasses a day.  I have also consumed my partners pee, too!  It is an aphrodesiac for me ;)

The end result is that it is purrfectly harmless in moderation.  Drink water afterword to replenish your fluids.  Do not fast on urine for more than a day or two, and work your way up to the strong stuff.. start light, or you may end up with a bit of a belly ache!

Some do it for health reasons, others (me) do if for the sheer pleasure of the flavour and the arousal that the taste, smell, and feel of warm urine endows!

Warm wishes.

UrineGurl  :P

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