hair disaster

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cheffron | 15:39 Mon 04th Sep 2006 | Body & Soul
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I've wrecked my hair - help! I decided that my dark blonde (natural) hair was boring so decided to put a colour in it...being a bit strapped for cash I used the boots own brand simply colour. I used the golden blonde...AHHH! It turned out to be a copper blonde - hideous for my colouring... So I then decided to use a light blonde - which only made the copper brighter... Now I look like the end of a duracel battery! My wonderful sister gave me a tip of washing up liquid. So I tried that. The initial brightness has definitely gone. I also heard that medicated shampoo was good. So now do I leave it to grow out. Try another colour? The condition is terrible... Would love any tips! x


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How is the colour now, could you live with it? If so, leave it !just keep washing in medicated shampoo or any nice cheap shamppo that will help to strip the colour. Do NOT put any more colours on it yourself. Your hair will end up in such bad condition that you won't even be able to get a comb through it.
You could go to a hairdressers, one with a good colour technician, to try and sort it out. Red does fade fairly quickly so thats good news. Make sure you use plenty of a good conditioner just to get it in order. If the condition is bad now, i really wouldnt advise you to colour again, not yet aty least. Good luck! the perils of home colouring, ive seen it so many times, i work in a salon.
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its getting better. I'm not used to the colour... so do you think I should just keep washing my hair with medicated shampoo everyday?

what in your opinion is the best conditioner - I've heard be honest I don't mind spending a bit of cash!
i think if you can live with it, try to! You will get more used to it as time goes on. Is it short or long, if its not too long, it wont take too long and you never know, you may even like it by then! Try a change of make-up as well. One that goes better with your new colouring.

My boss told me to use either cheap shampoo or washing up liquid when mine came out too dark (it soon faded) so try either of those. They wont be great for the condition though im afraid because they are harsh products to use on your hair. I personally like pantene conditioner . Do you have a Sallys near you? If so, go in there and ask their advice for a good conditioner. In the salon, we use a wax conditioner for overly dry hair and that is lovely. Put it on comb it through and leave it on if you can for 5 minutes or so. the longer the better. You could also use a hot oil treatment now and then, just keep on top of it.
I do hope this helps, there's nothing worse than when you're not happy with your hair.
Head and Shoulders for greasy hair tones down the colour.
Try and live with it for at least 2 weeks as the colour may tone down even more, wash and deep condition it daily. The good thing about using an own-brand hairdye is that it doesn't usually last as long as it claims to!
cheffron, you never said, i take it it was a permanent colour not a semi?
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Yes it is permanent - so thats why I used the washing up liquid.

I hate the feel of it...euch!

What do people think are the best conditioners?

Does anyone recommend olive oil?
nooo not olive oil my hair went a reddy colour and olive oil makes it incredibly greasy i'm afraid you can either continue to wash it or as i did, just leave it!
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I though olive oil would condition it?
too greasy. Just by a hot oil treatment designed for the job.
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this is even better!!

i have found a professional salon in knightsbridge (very upmarket place in london) who are looking for models - they will remove the colour and put in some highlights...

i think this is the best!!

thanks for all your help ;-)

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