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kick3m0n | 10:25 Mon 04th Sep 2006 | Body & Soul
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just to say, I was being utterly blonde the other day, of course I know who it was you've kissed. That'd be the person you knew before you became an ABer, and they also use the site, yeah? Dim as mince some days, so I am :o) tc xxx


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Hiya girlies, felicitations to you both!
Kick - do not be dissing the national staples, have just given newly impoverished Aberdonian student daughter a million magic ways with mince cookbook. LOL. She will be sporting her Rab. C. Nesbitt Esq integration and asimilation outfit from mid month.
Jules, Jules, Jules - you are not suposed to have lip-locked the other users tut ,tut. Were they any good tho'?
Love Sense. X.
Just a quickie... completely off the subject (which sounds fasinating lol!!)

Hiya Kick hun!!! Long time no speak, unfortunately have resorted to actually working for a living and spending less time on here. Hope all is well with you and the little man and that you're still as lovely as ever. Anything exciting happening? Any more phone calls? ;0)

Am currently holding you and certain other ABers to blame over recent bad behaviour which has included kissing blokey while very drunk, getting jiggy with another one and saying yes to going for a drink with a random one yesterday that I bumped in to while in town who I don't actually really want to go for a drink with but was left footed and while brain screamed 'no' mouth appeared to be saying 'erm, ok, if you like'!! LFAO... you've created a monster! Anyway, must go back to work, just popped on while having a coffee and saw your post so thought I'd hijack, take care babes xx
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Hiya Sense, how you doing? Hey, don't get me wrong, I do love mince lol Hope you've got daughter lots of warm clothes for those Aberdonian winters :o)
Should clarify, Jules has kissed an ABer in a more family-orientated way than the thread would suggest, totally innocent and platonic, I assure you lol.
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Hiya China! well, aren't you getting frisky? lol, good on you babes, you may have to kiss a few frogs you know...and it sounds like you're having fun. jon and Stevie will be very proud ;oP See that thread has gone, kind of glad, bit blush inducing when I think about it ;o) Not been on AB much myself, had mum staying last week so was busy, and am trying to be sensible now about how often I come on. Miss the chat some days though lol Yes, calls still happening I'm delighted to say, all going very well on that front :o)))))
take care sweetie, catch up with you soon no doubt. xxx
Hi Kick, you must have been racking your brains about this one! lol I am saying no more on the subject!!!!! I like to keep these things quiet! :-) Shhhh They did use this site but dont anymore and haven't done for a long while now. Im not as interesting as i tried to make out!!! lol

Hi sense, i was wondering where you had got to just the other day. Was reading through some old threads and saw your name. Have you been here and i've just not seen you around or did you take a break? Either way, nice to have you back!
Oh and kick, a far more interesting thread would be "who is it that kick wants to be kissed all over by???" That is my burning question of the day!!!! lol I don't suppose i will ever get an answer to that one though so for now, i will use my imagination and say..............................oh, hold on, someones at the right back!
She wants to kiss me.
julie, that is.
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hiya Julie, I wasn't thinking about it but bizarrely last night my sister in law called and we were talking about a friend called Julie and a wee lightbulb came on above my head. I'd forgotten about it till I logged on this morning lol.
As for your follow up question.........I'm sure you could have a damn good guess, there's a trail of clues a mile long! I actually said I'd like to kiss him everywhere, but he could absolutely, definitely return the favour lmao! tc babes xx
scuzzball, you know i would if it was at all possible, but unfortunately, its not! shame, but i'll get over it! lol

Kick, I do think i know! I think that stems from one thread in particular!!! quite a read if i remember rightly!!! made me blush.
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Oooops! Julie, I'm ashamed to say that it's not that person........that was just some cyber naughtiness but not real. There's no such cyber flirting between me and the mystery guy, very few direct exchanges on AB at all infact ;oP fee may be able to enlighten you, I have a hunch she knows who it is, tho I might be wrong lol tc xx
well, thats done me then kick!!! lol I will have to ask fee although i've not heard from her for a little while. There isnt much she doesnt know!!!!lol
Tee hee... just wanted to say Kick that I think I might have worked it out the other day. Have a good one bird! xx
Could we assasinate your love rival with a pin? pmsl.
Jules my love , I have been to AB anon. My husband has upped computer security so that it takes at least twelve steps to reach Answer Bank. Nah - been on hols, sorting out all the lovely kiddies ( and their friends issues, some parents make Mr Sense look like Maria from the sound of music ) Getting the wee darlings kittted out for the year ahead. Driving my lovely new car while there is anything that passes for a sunbeam! Helping a mate with her relocation business. So I have been wandering the corridors of the site in the wee small hours, it's candelit and you can just make out the strains of Jazz, and ofcourse Nightwish if Cobra's on! Wardie belts out his faves if he has been on the pop, but is kind enough to furnish us with the lyrics as necessary - just check out the music section pop pickers. Enjoyed the natter will catch you soon. X.
well, i did ask! glad to see you anyway sense! X
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China, you've probably sussed it, think Posy knows lol on! You make late night AB sound quite of these days (nights) I'll stay up late and wander the darkened corridors I think, just so that I can ssay I've tried it. As long as no one plays the theme tune from Tales of the Unexpected, I'll be just fine xx
Ooooooooooo, i need to know! I shall ask posy then on my space.!

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