Why do people try and make me non veggie?

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purplehair | 22:58 Sun 03rd Sep 2006 | Body & Soul
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I stopped eating red meat 3 years ago but every time i go to friends houses or they come to my house thay try to make me eat meat.

They say ''would you like some kebab meat, a burger, bacon buttie' etc. and they think its really funny to wave kebab meat in my face and say mmmmmmmmm.

Why do they do this and should i tell them to stop?


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not meat but......

i gave up chocolate (completely) a few years ago, and if i ever went out to other people's house's for dinner they would offer me chocolate and say thing's like.... "there isnt much chocolate in it, you will be ok"???

so i know what your saying!!!

PS....i fancy a bacon buttie now you mention it!!!
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Have a lovely quorn bacon buttie!!! Yummm It tastes like the crisps 'frazzles'!
next time they refuse something vegetarian wave it in their face and say mmmmmm, even more effective if its something like a spoon of peas so it goes all over them hee hee!
I don't know why we meat eaters do that , but yes tell them politely no thanks, you don't have to explain why you choose not to eat red meat, but still eat other meat, as in the same way I choose not to eat things I don't like. for me it is fish and seafood I am really not fussed about it and could well live without any ever again. If you don't bite they will soon stop I'm sure.
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Lolol!!! I will try that and see what happens!
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The pea thing i meant! But i should use cold pea soup!
if you tell them to stop they'll only do it more, why don't you reverse the situation and say to them "oh my god, all that money to eat a dead animal, thanks but no thanks , i'll just stick to my usual" - i've done this for years at barbecues, parties, etc, they get the message if your'e serious.
I have been a veggie for over 20 years. But when I had my children my inlaws were always trying to get the kids to eat meat. As they thought they were missing out on something.

My youngest son does now eat meat, and when he stays at his grans, its like a meat fest.

Sure she used to do it to annoy me though! grrrr

Some folk just cant accept that not everyone wants to eat meat.

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The worst thing is when I've had a drink cos they just pass me stuff like sausage rolls and i have to realise straight away (difficult after brandy!) that it is meat!!
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my family do this too.
my brother did this in front of his new wife and i just laughed my head off like a loony and said "that gets funnier and funnier every time you say it! you'd think it would get boring after the gazillionth time but no, its still utterly hilarious, you really should be on the stage..."
he looked rather embarrased
I am always amazed people can't believe I don't want to eat meat. When I can have a most colourful dish full of veg and freshness, as opposed to something that looks, quite frankly, the same going in as it does coming out. Each to their own, deffo and I'd never try and change people. I must admit I don't find people try and make me eat meat but they know I haven't for a long time. Perhaps after time, they will forget about it in your case too purplechair
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I'm afraid this works both ways purplehair. I've lost count of the amount of times veggie friends of mine have given me some sort of animal cruelty lecture or told me how disgusting meat is when I have been either cooking, about to eat or order a meat dish in a restaurant etc

Why do they do that? It's their choice not to eat meat, not mine.

I'm not saying that you do that but just bear it in mind that it happens with as much regularity as your situation.

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I was a chef for years. I have no problem whatsoever cooking or offering meat dishes. Strangely I love pulling apart a roast chicken or disecting one, it's fun. It's just I don't like to eat it myself.

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