why does my soul......

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comloulou | 11:45 Mon 28th Apr 2003 | Body & Soul
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A real soul question for you all. I have a history of depression and panic attacks (JOY!). The depression has ceased and Im pretty much 100% now except for a really stupid phobia. I cannot abide cars. I get panicky thinking of being in them and I freak out when I have to go anywhere on wheels. I cant drive by the way for obvious reasons. I put it down to association, id be in a car have a panic attack, want to get out, need loo etc. How in gods name do i get over this? Its becoming so restrictive and is making me so angry.


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Perhaps having a few lessons would help your fear - understanding how they work and how to use them could help allay your concerns.

Also try baby-steps to achieving the goal of travelling long-distance in a car.
Start by sitting in a friends car - door open, engine off
Then try engine on
Then try engine on and door closed
Then try end of the street
Then try to the local shops and so on so that you introduce it to yourself gradually

Also try relaxation exercises when in the car if you exceed you comfort level - deep breathing, visualising etc

Alternatively you could go on one of thoe Rally Experience days - kill or cure ;-)
Obviously, I don't know what you have tried but I would suggest you find yourself a good NLP practitioner (there are various sites and organisations you can find on the web) and go to see them. NLP has an incredibly good reputation about curing phobias extremely quicky (some in one session). Failing that, you could find a rational emotive therapist and get them to work with you. I saw a fascinating series of programmes on phobias on BBC1 a couple of years ago and saw before my very eyes people with crippling phobias begin to tackle their problem.
Also, consider hypnotherapy. If you don't fancy going to a professional, read up on self-hynosis on the net or get a book and try it. Techniques for getting over phobias or obsessions usually include you visuallizing yourself in the situation and habituating yourself with the sensations.

I strongly suggest you read up on this as self-hypnosis can be done by anyone and once you master it, you can use it for other goals as well. Good luck comloulou

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Thanks all, one thing, what is NLP? Ive had various therapists for the depression and anxiety and we always got to the point where the generic problem was sorted but this one issue remains. Its very hard to get NHS help when its such a subjective and basically avoidable problem. ie Doctor doctor I hate cars, doctor - dont get in them then!
NLP is fantastic! I suppose you you could describe NLP as a way of speaking directly to someones brain without them realising. I used to be a depressive with Social Anxiety Disorder, and now I couldn't be further away from it. I took part in a medical research study at Oxford University where they used NLP on me. I am now a completely different person. NLP is similar to what Derren Brown uses to influence people or put suggestions into their head without them realising.
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ahh now I love Derren Brown (going to see him in hastings in may but guess wot, i'll need to get a lift ... nooooooo!). Ive used cognitive therapy which was very useful. Is NLP something you can learn yourself or do you need to 'practiced on'?
Neuro Linguistic Programming..?
Its a long shot but how about finding a friend or friend of a friend with a convertable car. May make it a bit easier if the roof was down so you dont feel so restricted then over time you could put the roof down and finally progress to a normal car.
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Thats quite a cool idea....
I had hypnotherapy for a fear of a professional exam that on a previous occasion had rendered me almost unable to write my name on the paper. It was absolutely brilliant, the therapist put the whole thing into perspective for me before the hypnosis started and that part of the treatment reinforced what she had said. I'd heartily recommend it.
I fully understand what jou are going trough. I had Depression and Anxiety many years ago, and saw Physiaters and hypnotist did yoga etc. wouldnt go shopping, because icouldnt wait in long lines anyewhere waiting would make me anxious to the point of running away, even when i had to wait for too long on a red trafficlight.Eventually it got better with treatment and myself doing thing and driving short distance and going shopping on days whwere there are not so many oeople. jou have to start with small steps till jou get jour confidents back, but there are places that can help jou talke to jour doctor about. good luck.
Hi this is Holden again. I meant to tell jou jou can buy CD Hypnotherapie on different subjects over the internet and lissen to them. i have got one recently about Stress.

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why does my soul......

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