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deetyork | 16:42 Sun 13th Aug 2006 | Body & Soul
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For want of a better name, a shower scrunchie is one of those things that looks like a lettuce made from nylon netting which when used with shower gel is a superb invention for getting washed with. far nicer than the old soap& flannel! As a scrunchie convert, I find the things invaluable, but how do you re-tie them once they have come undone?


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by then they should be in the bin and a new one in use.
Just buy a new one, they're cheap enough....
yeh i love these too so much better than a sponge or flannel
They call them shower poufs here in the USA. Guess it means a different thing in the UK!

And I second what dotty and roughquest said - buy a bunch and change them regularly.
99p from sainsburys..... why would you want to re-tie it
i call them shower puffs too. and im in the uk!
I use those but I also have a long one with two loops so that you can wash your back. Lovely!
Isn't that what your spouse is for maggie01? :)
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99p in Sainsburys!! I got 5 for a pound!

Yes you are right, it will go in the bin........................but i'd still like to know how they are tied!!
I find these things so hideous... my friend swears by them and is obsessed by them. I guess they are like a modern version of a loofah. Yuk!
i love them! they lather up much better than a sponge and feel so much cleaner! mines on its way out now though dunno how to retie! Apparently they are good cuz theyre harder than sponges they remove all your dead skin cells
Nothing more to add, you've said it all:

Buffs your skin (remove dead cells)
Rinses (out) better than a sponge

Have never had one that has untied itself lol!

Like maggie, have one that is plaited, with a loop (either end) to rub/scrub your back [when hubby is not available].

Cheap and cheerful

*like me*
its a scrubby puff!!! i love these. i don't understand how people clean themselves when they don't use one. i gave one to luckyeight and she was horrified.

btw, i would recommmed buying a new one every month or so. it is covered in your dead skin after all.
I' love these,

I buy a different colour each time so i can tell the oldest one.

Once it's unravelled i use that one to scour the bath.

Genius so they are.
Couldn't find an answer to this either so...

I just made do by folding the netting concertina style (back and fro; forwards and back) as neat as possible, then wrapping the string round it all in the middle, pulling one end of the string through the other end to make a basic knot, pulling it all tight so the mesh all stands out.
Then I tied a stronger knot over the other one.
Mine from superdrug fell apart after a week, maybe that's why they're 3 for 2!
wow i'm not surprised at all how many people suggest tossing it and buying a new one. i'm not shocked but i am disgusted. our landfills aren't full enough? retie it you not only save money and time (for having to run to the shop at inconvenient times when your cheap puff comes apart - and it will they make them to fall apart so you lot can go buy more to line their pockets!) those who suggest tossing it because keeping it is "gross" as it's dirty, well do you throw all your clothes away after a use or two as well? no you wash them. same can be done with these IF they were made to last (like bodyshop ones i've come to see after researching this topic - some say they last for 3+ years.) but for those of us with little money, time and desire to fill the landfills more leaving a large stupid smelly mess for our children, learning to RETIE and REUSE the shower puff would be ideal. i have yet to find a place that will teach you to do so, i imagine the companies that make these cheap poofs would dislike this and probably find some way to get the information removed. if you know how to take the 3 ft. + length of netting and retie it so it's the same as when first purchased but tied to last this time, PLEASE post this information. people need to stop thinking about how to fatten their wallets with things like this when it comes to info that can help the environment. it's shameful. thanks for reading this. i hope to find the answer to this issue myself if i do i'll be back to post what i find, if someone else beats me to it, i hope to see that info back here. thanks.

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