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mnko | 11:34 Sun 13th Aug 2006 | Body & Soul
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good morning. i'm looking for a way of surprising my wife, it will be 5 years on the 25th aug that i proposed, i'm arranging her sister to stay over and look after our kids. i dont want to do the normal thing (meal and hotel even though it would be nice) i want to totally surprise her we live in Dublin. please if there are any tru romantics out there please help.( my wife already says in romantic but i want her to remember this forever) thanks


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Hi mnko,

A couple of years ago for a surprise I booked a daytrip to Nice & Monte Carlo, it was a fabulous day very tiring but my wife still talks about it now,

OR Have you got any posh car services out there where you could hire a chauferre (spelling) and car order a hamper with champagne and whisk her up into the wicklow mountains for a romantic picnic ?

Hope you come up with a nice surprise, Ray
Any weekend without the kids is special but its the little touches that make it rememberable. My partner gave me three little presnts to open one at a time. He gave me little tokens/pressies that symbolised our very first 3 dates. Our 1st date was in a pub called the Ram Inn so he bought a little plastic ram (from early centre I guess) and put a bow on him and placed him in a little cute bag. Stuff like that. It took me a few moments to work out what on earth he was playing at, but I thought it was incredibly romantic and very thoughtful. By the way, he's not a cheap skate, I was in a fab Madrid hotel at the time (without the kids....yay!) and he had earlier given me a beautiful white gold necklace but it's the little cute pressies that I always remember first and mention to my 'green eyed' friends as it's just so romantic.
By the way, I've kept all his love letters as I've found them extremely touching too. You could always write out a touching letter and hide it away for her to find on the day, in a bathroom cabinet or toiletery bag if your going away. Writing out I LOVE YOU on a icy car winsdscreen is a fab way to start the day. No good for August though. Perhaps you could use something else or use little pebbles in the garden as she wakes up to open the curtains spelling out romantic words. I'm sure others will give you a few more ideas. I am sure she will feel like one very lucky lady. I hope you both have a very special time whatever you decide.
A theatre trip? Evita is on in the West End and getting fantastic reviews and it's the ultimate 'chick flick' show. Long way for you I know. I've just booked the same with a nice hotel for the night and a tour of Buckingham Palce the next morning. Understand that might not be your cup of tea!!

Otherwise I don't thnk you can go wrong with the simple things... A bath run, flower petals, aromatic oils, candles, champagne etc etc. I always do an easter egg hunt and her in doors seems to appreciate that more than considerably more expensive romantic gestures! You enjoy... And good luck!
Obviously depends on how much you want to spend, but how about a helicopter trip over your town, or a Hot Air Ballon ride (may be difficult to arrange for the day as it will depend on the weather. Check if the Red Letter Days website is still operating as they were having problems some months ago.
Or a river boat trip with champagne?
Pack a picnic, go for a long drive, find a nice little spot where you can stay and chat about all the things you've done together and how your journey together is still in it's spring years.. talk about new beginnings, future plans.. and sit back to back under the stars sipping from your glasses, listening to music that you both enjoy - I hope you remembered the pop up tent because I forgot to get you to build it already and it should be dark by now.......

I know some women like to be pampered and showered with gifts etc but deep down, spending a bit of time together talking (every mans dread) and just being together is worth its weight in gold.
marry her
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were getting married next year
when visiting my sister - I went here... one of the most beautiful places on earth...

and you are so close!

where the mountains - o'mourne sweep down to the sea
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take her for a plesure flight from a local flying school, allways good!!!!!!!!!
Not if she doesn't like flying?
A balloon trip is good, I think you can do champagne ones to make it a bit extra special. Or you could try to book a flight to Paris and have an overnight stay in an upmarket hotel, that would be very romantic!

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