Locking of the jaw

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miniegg | 14:18 Fri 04th Aug 2006 | Body & Soul
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about 2 weeks ago i was able to open my mouth fully, i now can only open my mouth about 1.5 inches, i have no tooth ache. any advice ?

Many thanks


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I suggest you seek medical advice. I regularly have lock jaw but it only lasts a few minutes at the most and usually only when I get up in the morning. I also have a painful click in the right hand side of my jaw. But it's no surprise as I've had problems with my jaw since the year dot. But if it is a relatively new problem for yourself, Get it checked out. MB
grinding your teeth in your sleep maybe? Some other things can lead to restricted jaw movement too but I daren't even say it cleanly or thread will get pulled today.
Lockjaw is a specific, very serious infection - otherwise called tetanus.

It is doubtful you have this. :)

See your doctor.
There's a very similar question further down, there may be some useful answers on there also.
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Thanks for that,
Like you mountainboo, i have suffered with this for a while now, normally it goes when i "wiggle" my jaw about. only this time i cant get rid of it.
Teag1rl -cant even do that-my hubby not best pleased !!

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Locking of the jaw

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