To ask...or not to ask????

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Spcl22 | 11:13 Fri 04th Aug 2006 | Body & Soul
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Hi all, right, its dilemma time and I really need your honest opinions pretty please.

A friend of mine is getting married in Zanzibar over Christmas and she has asked me to be a bridesmaid.

I have accepted and am actually quite excited (about Zanzibar not the bridesmaid bit)......never been to Zanzibar! (Well I've been the club...dodgville).

Anyway, where I need your help is.... there are only me and the best man who are going, that are single (and no, Im not interested in him)......everyone else is in couples.... I kinda don't mind, but feel like I'm gonna be 'on my own' of sorts....

I've been seeing this chap for about 3 months and wondered:-

a. Do you think he'd totally freak out if I asked him if he wanted to come with me?
b. If I did have the bottle, how would I go about asking him, making sure that I don't scare the 'bijeebas' out of him and think I was getting all serious and soppy on him?
c. Do you think I'd be better of asking a friend to come with me instead?

Don't get me wrong, I do like him and I aint getting all serious and clingy on him, but would like him to come. I could cope with going on my own, but would honestly prefer to be with 'someone'.....

Everyone's honest opinions would be most welcome.

Thanx...have a good day.


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Erm ask him, if he freaks out just say ok then ask the other mate. Easy enough, I asked a bloke to a wedding this year and he didnt want to go which may me feel like he didnt like me but he explained he doesnt like weddings and said 'would you rather I sit at a wedding and not enjoy myself because I didnt want to be there or take someone else that will enjoy it' I had a great time without him :-)
Hi Spc122 why dont you ask your firend first who is getting married if you can bring a friend/boyfriend with you. Then see how things go with this newish boyfriend. Tell him about the trip and see if he is interested and say you can take someone with you. See what his reaction is.You could alwas then just say "would you be interested in going" but dont make a big thing of it. best of luck. keep in touch. Brenda x
Just ask him casually - dont make a big deal out of it. And as 4getmenot says just say "no problems i'll ask a mate".

Personally i dont think there's any harm in asking - what is there to lose other than your pride and dignity?? ;0P
But it shouldnt have to be your pride and dignity that you lose if he does say no, as I said you may not be the reason he declines your offer at all.
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If it was me, I'd be really happy that you asked. I'd probably say no though as I have no money :o/.
tell him you are trying to get a few mates to go as it'll be a great laugh and thought you'd try a real holiday out of it and wondered it he fancied it.

make it sound like 'just a thought'

then just say your mates couldn't come.

i know its a white lie, but it also takes away your embarrassment and allows him to say no if he wants to

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