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picklepants | 10:25 Fri 04th Aug 2006 | Body & Soul
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Does anyone have any experience in hypnosis for giving up smoking? My boyfriend despearetly wants to give up but has very little willpower. He gets stressed alot at work and all his workmates smoke so he can't avoid smoky places (doesn't work in an office with no-smoking policy!) Please can anyone help? I'll do anyhting to try to help him!!


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My sister smoked about 20 a day for years, she got hypontised and now she can't bear the smell at all. My mum then decided to do it too and my mum had smoked for about 40 years at 20 a day. She can't bear smoking now either and says that she can't think of anything worse than putting a ciggie in her mouth. Hypnosise really does work as i never thought my mum would ever stop. U should invesigate if there is one near u. Its well worth it!
There's a chap like that where I work, he's had hypnotherepy, reckons it's ok as long as he keeps going once a fortnight, in this case costing about the same as the fags but if he stops going, back on the snout straight away.

I'm afraid that it can only be done with willpower in the end, all the patches, gum, hypnosis etc just prolong the inevitable. If there is no will power then he's a prisoner to the weed forever. However anyone can do it if they want it badly enough, will power is just a manifestation of will.

He needs to get into the frame of mind to do it, you don't give up smoking you becomer a non smoker. When al the work mates are lighting up don't envy them, pitty them, "look at those sad gits paying a fortune to filter poison through their lungs". "God, don't they know how bad they smell and how silly they look" etc etc. No one says it's easy, I wish him good luck, get brutal with it!
"will power is just a manifestation of desire" would probably read better!
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Thanks guys - I may give hypnosis a go. I've also told him that he has to summon up willpower from somewhere as nothing works magically!! Wish me luck - he may become unbearable if he DOES give up and I may reach for the cigs myself to cope with the stress!!
I havent had any experience of hypnosis - I wuz a bit wary of it. But i did give up smoking 2 years ago after reading a book called "The only way to stop smoking permanently" by Alan Carr. I wud highly recommend this book and @ �9.99 it is a much cheaper solution that hypnosis. I used to smoke 20 a day and had tried lots of other ways to give up. I cant believe how much better I feel. I wish u both lots of luck.
I can tell you it works, because it does.

You could either spend money on a hypnotist to guide himOR your bf could quit himself.

If he believes he has little will power then there's no point doing it.

If he ACTS (yes acts) as if he can do it, then he will.

Everytime he wakes up in the morning he needs to say to himself something like "I am happily free of tobacco"... There's a reason why it is said like this. It is a lie yes, but it creates positive tension in the brain. When someone asks if he smokes he should say No.

Your behaviour is shaped by your beliefs. If you say "I will stop smoking" ... your always GOING to be... you haven't started stopping smoking yet. This will work if he sticks to it. He just needs something to take his mind off the smoking also.

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