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~posy~ | 10:08 Fri 04th Aug 2006 | Body & Soul
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it's friday!!!!!!
all is right with the world!!!!!!
i'm so excited!!!!


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I'm lovin' 'it - going out with the girls tonight, got the weekend off work, then off to Dublin on Monday!!!............All this and the weather looks like itds gonna be good too!!

What you got planned - anything exciting??

A xXx
Question Author
my husband is home today!! yyyyaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!

hope whatever you are all doing this weekend you have a good one!!!! xXx
Not excited then!!??lol
Awww bless you.... you going to have a nice big welcome home planned then, nudge nudge, wink, wink etc.... xx
So posy, you'll not be on AB this weekend hey......nudge nudge wink wink
She's gone already!! lol
Question Author
no i'm still here!! just a bit busy. he'll be home later. doubt i'll be on much this weekend!! lol!! hope you all have fun!! xXx
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he's on his way!!!!! should be here in about 2 hours!! yyaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!! xXx
Hope you have a lovely weekend posy, don't do anything I wouldn't do, (actually that doesn't leave much)
So pleased you are happy posy - have a great time.

I too am in an excellent mood - cos' as from 2PM today I am on holiday for a fortnight !! WOOHOOO !!!!!!
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have a good holiday!! xXx

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