effective eye creams & wrinkle creams

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vtempo | 11:10 Wed 02nd Aug 2006 | Body & Soul
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I am 35 years of age and wondering about using eye & wrinkle creams. I have seen some recent photos of myself and am struck by how 'puffy' the area under my eye looks. I wondered if anyone has found an effective eye cream to firm up the under eye area? I also wondered about any anti-wrinkle creams in general. I am a smoker, though am trying to give up and I think that this will have made me look older and less healthy. I used to smoke about 10 years ago, gave up and stupidly started again about 8 months ago.....Doh!


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hi vtempo, I had some elemis eyecream bought as a pressie, its really good but in my opinion pretty pricey g%5Fname=TimeToSpaCatalog&category%5Fname=244& Page=1&ParentOid=162 i have the one at the very bottom of the page
Liz Earle, Liz Earle, Liz Earle!! I use her products and I have very few wrinkles - most people are surprised when they know how old I really am.

Try Eyebright on pads and fine line cream, her moisturiser is excellent all rounder though. on268883.html

Just in case you don't believe me!

Also def give up smoking vtempo it's the worst thing you can do for your skin . Keep out of the sun, drink lots of water to keep skin hydrated, lots of fresh fruit and veg for the anti oxidants and ALWAYS wear sunglasses - you screw your eyes and face up if you're in bright light.

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Thanks for your replies.....

I will give the Liz Earle stuff a go.....

Also thanks Hellion for the other advice.....
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First thing first, give up smoking and start drinking enough water every day. You can try using the Stemuderm anti-wrinkle cream and Eyevage. They both are by Solvaderm, a reputed USA skincare brand. I have been using Stemuderm for last 10 years and it has worked for me like wonders. It goes for all skin type and has natural ingredients. Also, before buying any anti-wrinkle cream, you must check their reviews, ingredient list and if that product has any side effects on your skin type or not. Therefore I recommend you to please visit: and for detailed Stemuderm Review. Hope you will find a perfect solution for yourself. Just make sure that you quit smoking at the earliest and half of your battle will be won!

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effective eye creams & wrinkle creams

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