using hypnotherapy to give up smoking

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vtempo | 11:05 Wed 02nd Aug 2006 | Body & Soul
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Has anyone had hypnotherapy in an attempt to give up smoking? I would be interested to hear about people's experiences of this....


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I used lozenges, but it really depends on how much you want to give up, to give two examples, two friends of mine had Hypnotherapy to stop smokijng, it worked for one, and not for the other.
I had smoked for 46 years, I was still enjoying it, when my Bosses wife who hated smoking said that she would pay for me to have Hypnotherapy if I wanted to give up. Now it was costing me big time to continue smoking, and so I decided to give it a go even though I was very sceptical.
I went in to the therapist back in Dec last year, and I haven't had a ciggy since.
Now, I'm not saying it will work for you, however if you have a positive attitude, and really want to quit, it is certainly worth trying. Most hypnotherapists claim that if it doesn't work, you get your money back. What have you got to lose ?
It is so, so good not to be a slave to tobacco, and to stop inhaling all those poisons into your lungs.
Nicotine patches, and the like are completely useless really, as they keep your body supplied with the very drug you are trying to come off.
I wish you all the luck to beat the habit, and promise you that it is so well worth it. lol :-)
my ex-boyfriend tried it after many failed attempts with nicotine patches and only cost �40-the price of one weeks fags so he thought what the worked!after 20 yrs of smoking he couldn't even stand the smell of fags let alone the thought of smoking one .was v impressed.
Yup - I'm a hynotherapist and can vouch for the fact that I have roughly an 85% success rate with clients who want to stop smoking. Beware - always check out your hypnotherapists qualifications before booking -and ensure they are a member of a governing body. Good Luck x
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Thanks all for your replies.....very helpful

I know it is worth giving up, having done so before! So stupid to have started again. I gave up before quite I remember....had been living in France and gave up when I returned to the UK. My boyfriend at the time didn't smoke, which helped a lot. My current partner does smoke, though he wants to stop too....His brother had hypnotherapy which was successful, which is why I was interested in finding out more.....

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using hypnotherapy to give up smoking

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