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Morrisonker | 23:52 Wed 26th Jul 2006 | Body & Soul
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I'm going for a check up at the GUM clinic next week and I've just realised that I'll have just finished my period, possible still on the last day or so (ie, very light bleeding) on the day of my appointment. Can I still be tested or should I reschedule it? Obviously if I was in the middle of my period I'd change the date, but knowing my body I think I'll be ok, I'm just not sure if they'd want me to change or not. I know it's a question of cleanliness as well, but that aside, is it actually possible for them to do it?
Also, I know for my smear test I was told not to have sex for 24 hours preceeding the appointment, but is it the same for std testing? I wasn't told not to but I thought I'd check anyway.


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Phone them in the morning for advice.

I would suggest you postpone it for a week, but see what they say.
They might tell you to leave it until you've finished completely, although I wouldn't have thought that a bit of blood would affect your results.

Story of shame regarding sex before a smear test though - someone I knew went for hers and had to be called back the next day because the results showed nothing by sperm cells!

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STD testing

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