Can an Osteopath date a previous patient?

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Urban_angel | 23:49 Fri 21st Jul 2006 | Body & Soul
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I ask because the Osteopath I was seeing up until a couple of weeks ago is really lovely. I'd love to ask him out but I know there are doctor/patient rules about dating etc and I don't even want to ask him out if it's going to get him into trouble. Just wondered if anyone knew what the rules and regs were for Osteopaths? Is there a certain amount of time that a doctor/osteopath (etc) has NOT seen the patient for before considering dating them?
Hope someone can help as this is driving me mad!
Thank you!


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There is nothing to stop you dating assuming you are over 16, especially as the treatment has ended and he is no longer treating you.
if you're an ex-patient, no problem at all. If you're still a patient, the rules (that is, the rules for him) say no personal relationships. Scroll down to page 6 here: desOfPractice_A_W.pdf
If HE has any decency, and respect for his profession, he would no even contemplate dating you nor any other patient whether or not current.
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Can I ask why you say that if he was decent he wouldn't even date a PREVIOUS patient??? If I was a current patient then I would understand but being an ex's not the same thing. Could you tell me what you meant? Thanks
whenever this comes up, for any doctor, they merely have to change doctors - it is not illegal, just frowned upon, as it could be suspected that the doctor is taking advantage of a vulnerable patient.

as osteopathy is about manipulation of the spine etc i don;t see that means you are especially vulnerable.

as has been said, as soon as you are an ex patient, you are now just another adult.

go for it.
joko, chiropractic is mainly spinal manipulation but osteopathy (depending on the practitioner) can involve a lot more soft-tissue work and what is basically massage, so I'd think patients - especially female patients of male osteopaths - need to feel comfortable that it's all strictly professional. But lordy, the times I've wished I had an osteopath around the house, and damn the ethics...

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Can an Osteopath date a previous patient?

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