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gen2 | 23:21 Mon 17th Jul 2006 | Body & Soul
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Would that be 'We' as in 'Pe'? If so, then why does a website called 'We Know We health' have nothing to say about cystitis or NSU? (at least, it doesn't show up in a search.) Have they filtered out all the serious questions and left just the dross? Is this site trying to make fun of Western medicine in retaliation for the West's criticism of some of the animal products included in traditional Chinese medicine?

(Thanks to Dot.Hawkes for alerting us to this)


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that site is actually relying on the abers posting in B&S to offer health advice to the biggest national population in the world, now that is scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I wasn't sure whether these Chinese sites were attempting to offer serious health advice, or whether they were making fun of us, much like a parody.
well it could be but someone will be making alot of money out of it i reckon
It is bloody only have to think back to some really pathetic advice given in the B&S section by supposed docctors, or someone just having a giggle!
Well..I am now famous in China for my thyroid problems and recommending Diprobase cream.
On the other hand if they happen to come across the thread where that ridiculous person Jane..someone or other was banging on about high blood pressure they will all die of fright.!
it's great innit?....

They've got my euthanasia thread bizzarely :-)

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